Costco BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich Nutrition Facts and Calories

bbq beef brisket wrapper

Many of you may be wondering how many calories there are in the delectable BBQ beef brisket sandwich found in the food court of Costco. The good news is that it’s less than the Turkey and Provolone sandwich, the Carne Asada bake, and the Chicken Bake. The beef brisket sandwich has 710 calories in it. The rest of the nutrition facts are as follows:

  • 710 Calories
  • 33 g Fat (total)
  • 11 g Saturated Fat
  • 9 g Polyunsaturated Fat
  • 12 g Monounsaturated Fat
  • 1 g Trans Fat
  • 75 mg Cholesterol
  • 1,630 mg Sodium
  • 0 mg Potassium
  • 76 g Total Carbs
  • 2 g Dietary Fiber
  • 40 g Sugars
  • 28 g Protein

What do you think? Are these numbers about what you’d expect from the sandwich? I know when I took off the paper wrapping and saw that it was stained with grease/fat I figured the sandwich was going to not be that great for me. If you want to know what others think of the sandwich, read the BBQ beef brisket sandwich reviews. Also, I have a list of which locations carry the sandwich if you’re curious.

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21 Responses to “Costco BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich Nutrition Facts and Calories”

  1. Andy Furrer says:

    Sandwich is a killer with 11 sat fats, 1 trans fat and 1630mg of sodium. Costco never seems to sell anything that is healthily except for the fruits and vegies.

    • TomasEdwardChristian says:

      Look at the Polys and Monos, those are also high.

      The sandwich is also very filling to make up for the saturated fat. If this is a meal and a half for you, you will be fine.

      The sugar is what worries me. I had a whole box of candy after this sandwhich.

  2. Ron Ablang says:

    Does anyone know how much this sandwich costs?

  3. […] Costco BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich Nutrition Facts and Calories […]

  4. Brian Silverman says:

    I tried it in Denver CO suburb (Arvada) location this past week. Thought it was not a great value. Had only about half the amount of beef on it that I expected; dry bun and very ordinary mild fresh slaw. At $4.99 for the sandwich I thought it was overpriced. A fair price as it was presented would be $3.29. I frequently get a hot dog and Coke… oops – I know they now have Pepsi and I don’t care for that either. Or I get the chicken bake or a fruit and ice yogurt concoction with marionberries. I will probably never buy this sandwich again as I know what a good beef brisket sandwich should taste like

  5. Sarah S. says:

    Eating one as we speak. Pretty greasy, but the beef BBQ is quite tasty. Less beef and more bun than expected. I’m going to take a nap now. Ha. Likely would try something else next time. Making a meal out the frozen yogurt has more sugar, but I don’t feel like I would fall asleep at the wheel on the way home. $4.99 in WI. I also feel that this is overpriced for the food court.
    Calorie counts for the items are eye openers!

  6. devans00 says:

    The BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich was quite tasty. Too bad it’s such a food bomb.

  7. Chris starbeck says:

    Save your money n your health!!!
    Over priced, hardly any meat.. Loaded with calories n fat not to mention sugar. Can’t believe they switched to Pepsi!!! Boycott Pepsi until they remove Snoop Dog !!!

  8. Jeannie says:

    Does anyone know if you can just purchase the meat? Pre made like those pulled pork refrigerator section microwave meats? Or does Costco actually make meat for this sandwich?

  9. ayesha says:

    I just ate one but discarded the bun and squeezed out the oil a bit. Def needs less oil but i don’t feel like crap, the bun would have killed it. I’m sick off there Cesar this might be an ok option once in a while but Def without the bun

  10. tomsans says:

    Complaining about a BBQ Brisket sandwich being unhealthy is like complaining that a sports car is too fast, it’s kind of the point. It’s suppose to be fatty and greasy, sugary and salty, smoked long and hard to get that carcinogen rich flavor. If you want healthy get an apple, heck a whole crate is like $20.

  11. disqus_zPKKWuXQzY says:

    I’ve eaten this twice. This was the last time. The sandwich is just OK, and I don’t think this represents value by any stretch of the imagination. At $4.99 + tax and not including a drink, it’s the most expensive “single item” on the cafe menu. The first one had far more meat and it was “spicy;” this one had very little meat and almost no spice to it at all. The slaw was OK but unremarkable, the bun just OK as well. If I want an unremarkable $5 sandwich I can get one almost anywhere…I don’t need to go to Costco.

  12. SF says:

    That’s a lot of f*cking carbs. Can anyone break the nutrition down into 3 sections? I already skip the roll and what is in MFP still says 42g carbs for the meat and slaw. Meat should be zero. Cabbage? Cabbage should be low. This makes no sense.

    • Ryan Platt says:

      all about the fat in the meat. 🙂

      • SF says:

        Fat and carbs are two different things. An entire pound of butter (a fat) contains zero carbs.

        There are also zero carbs in 10 slices of beef brisket (a protein).

        1 cup of cabbage contains 5-6 carbs.

        I wanted to know where the 42 grams of carbs came from in a roll-less sandwich (above states that with roll the whole sandwich is 76 carbs).

      • Firebird2 says:

        Not just fat in the meat. Fat in the slaw. No doubt there is quite a bit of fat in the mayo that is contained in the slaw. The sandwich is tasty But seriously better choices to eat rather than that all the time.

    • Jeannie Nieman says:

      Sauce per sugar = carbs. Both meat and slaw covered in sauce. Google coldslaw dressing and BBQ sauce. You see where those carbs are from.

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