Turkey and Provolone Sandwich Calories and Nutritional Facts

A lot of people have been asking how many calories are in the new hot turkey and provolone sandwich found in the Costco food court. I did some research and the number was a little higher than I expected. The sandwich has 730 calories according to myfitnesspal. Other nutritional facts include:

  • 730 Calories
  • 39 g of Fat
  • 125 mg of Cholesterol
  • 1710 mg of Sodium
  • 51 g of Carbs
  • 45 g of Protein
  • 2 g of Dietary Fiber

Do these numbers turn you away? If you remember the turkey wrap it actually had 810 calories. It’s pretty surprising to me that this greasy hot sandwich somehow has less calories, but I applaud Costco for making it happen. It is also much more flavorful than the turkey wrap. Do the calories surprise you one way or the other?

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55 Responses to “Turkey and Provolone Sandwich Calories and Nutritional Facts”

  1. Sumayya Humienny1 says:

    I wish Costco would add some low-cal & low- fat options to their food court offerings. Even the Caesar salad is heavy on the cals & fat!

  2. Lori_du_little says:

    I’m just eating mine now. I brought it home yesterday, so it’s cold now, but still very tasty. I wonder if they can make it without mayo? They just handed me a pr-made sandwich so I’m not sure. The calories don’t surprise me, it’s a very big sandwich and I will eat only half. I’ve been watching my calories since the new year and the surprises are over. Everything, just about, that we eat out has lots more than we’d make at home. Thanks for the info, it is much appreciated.

  3. Drpet says:

    Since there were no fiber grams listed, I guessed @ 5, which is probably too low. At any rate, it would be 19 Weight Watchers Points. Yikes!

    • SherryK says:

      Try cutting it in quarters – then it’s only 5 pts. And, the quarter is plenty filling as long as you add a salad, some fruit or even a cup of soup.

  4. Sunshinevyk says:

    It is so good love it.

  5. Sherry K says:

    It’s a HUGE sandwich, so I divided it in quarters & Voila – only 5 Weight Watcher points per quarter. And, trust me, the quarter is FILLING!

  6. Mhk1976 says:

    It was YUMMY! Eat half? Yikes.. I ate the whole thing.. and I normally have a diet shake at bfast and lunch…. I will be heading out for a jog this evening after seeing the calorie count tho… 730 is a lot of calories for lunch!! Espeically when I ususally stick to 250 or so…

  7. Roberta says:

    Fiber is not listed in the nutritional values for the new Turkey Provolone sandwich
    Please add this to your facts

  8. Spamkiller says:

    39 grams of fat and 1,7 grams of salt? Guess they want to kill off their customers with strokes and heart attacks… geez, what a mess

  9. Matt says:

    The nutrition is in-line with what I expected – cheese and mayo are both loaded with fat, so most of the fat in this would come from them. The sodium is also definitely high but again, it’s not unexpected given that there’s probably something on the order of 4-5 oz of deli turkey in the sandwich, which itself probably accounts for around 1000mg of sodium, leaving the cheese, mayo, and bread to account for the other 700mg (which is also easily believable).

  10. Cmarieaquino says:

    I only ate half, and i’m glad I did! 730 calories is insane. I didn’t care for the garlic basil mayo. I wish there was a healthier food court option at costco. I would have loved the sandwich if it were not soaked in mayo and had more fresh greens in it.

  11. A_snow says:

    Looks like I’ll be making an additional trip to the gym today! Wish I found this out before I ate it.

  12. kmoney says:

    Only Costco can figure out how to pack almost 50 g of fat into a turkey sandwich. Bravo.

  13. philo says:

    They should offer a low-fat sandwich. I thought I was ordering the healthy option today. 🙁

    • Clmurph44 says:

      I agree and have been telling them that forever! I have gotten this turkey sandwich, but I take my Arnold’s (now costco has their own brand) sandwich thins and only eat half….it helps

    • I’m pretty sure the salad with no (or very little) dressing is the healthy option.

    • Aquaria says:

      Low fat isn’t healthy. That’s been one of the worst lies foisted on Americans, ever. The claim has zero science behind it, and was in fact bogus science, right from the start.

  14. Pam says:

    I am in shock at the 39g of fat. I love this sandwich but will not be buying it again. 🙁

  15. Jordan Cunningham says:

    I ate half of it!! Counting calories and looked this up after I ate half and am so glad I stopped myself from eating the other half.

  16. No says:

    Costco snack bar is a great value because they give such large portions. Considering that the sandwich is as large as 2 sandwiches stuck together, I think the calorie count is reasonable. If you split it with someone, or save half for later, you are getting 365 calories. With a healthy side (not available at costco court) this could be part of an approx. 500 calorie lunch. It is high fat, even at half, but I’d rather be careful for the rest of the day then have them change this delicious sandwich one bit!

  17. Liv says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Goog!

  18. TFM says:

    Thanks for teh info. I had my first one this week. I planned to eat only half, but then kept on going – it was way past lunch time and I was quite hungry. It was tasy, but if I ever order one again, I will stick to my guns and have half only, perhaps with an apple or other fruit from the food stock I tend to buy there before eating. I have ordered the cesaer salad there a few time but find it truly boring – all cesear salads are because the veggies are limited to romaine lettuce. It would be nice to have a mixed greens salad with a wider variety of other veg included plus 2-3 choices of salad dressing inlcuidng at least one low fat one

  19. Nan says:

    I had a turkey sandwich at Costco today it seemed like a healthy choice but turned out to be almost a whole days worth of calories in one sandwich that was a huge sandwich like you might imagine. I don’t think I will get it again on that fact alone unless I have someone to share it with. It tasted very good.

  20. Jacke says:

    I loved it! Would go there just for the sandwich. I don’t think mine had mayo on it. i thought it was pesto.

  21. Marsha says:

    The food court at Costco has wonderful high quality choices, BUT they could use some low cal ones. I love the Turkey Provolone sandwich.I wenta home and say the nutrition info on line. That is the good news. The bad news it it has 730 cals and tons of fat:( My husband and I will share one from now on.

  22. Barb says:

    Had 3 1st was excellent 2 bun was charred, 3rd was dry. Sorry, you do not get a 4th chance.

  23. C Murph says:

    I get this and only eat half and put it on a sandwich thin….I figure it is about 8 Weight Watchers points….estimated…That is do-able

  24. Dawn says:

    If ur following weight watchers it’s actually 20 points

  25. Jbird says:

    Not sure I believe it. When you take the ingredients (sold in the store) and count, that is not the total you get.

  26. runner4life says:

    If you want something healthy go to subway or run 3 miles after. Its an amazing sandwhich. Just had it today. If you don’t like…don’t eat it…

  27. Doll says:

    Did they deep fry it? How do the calories add up, it doesn’t make sense to me it’s not even that big.

  28. Christophe diezma says:

    :-(. and here I thought i was doing well. Costco should post these numbers by their food.

  29. Labyrinthia says:

    I thought it was very filling and huge, so it doesn’t surprise me! It was worth it, though, lol.

  30. beethoven says:

    The hidden fact is this one sandwich has more sodium than adults should have in a whole day.

  31. econ says:

    I bought one today at Costco…and at the window I asked how many calories it had, the girl looked it up and told me 730. I asked if it was cut in half (so I could eat just half and save half)…I was told no but she said she could cut it in half for me. …I declined since she already had it at the windo for me and there was a line….I ate the whole thing…I agree with everyone who said it was tasty. I would buy it again…but on ordering I would ask for it to be cut in half.

  32. I am on weight watchers. I eat half if this sandwich every time I go to Costco. Half is 9 points, 22-23 grams of filling protein, and probably close to a dairy serving. Y’all need to stop fretting about the “bad” and understand the value of the nutrients! I’ve lost 70 pounds in a year, so I’m not just blowing smoke.

  33. Phil says:

    What a bunch of whiners! Eat half of it and shut up. Or walk away. I usually eat 2, and with all the work that I do, no worries! Love the sandwich and my great genetics!

  34. Happy says:

    Really so you want something healthy for a dollar Hotdog for 1.50with the soda but yeah you guys are still complaining then go Eat a protein bar for three dollars

  35. great for bulking but bad for dieting

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  38. O.M.G.! Oh well, too late. I ate the WHOLE thing for lunch. Yikes! I’ll have to go walk an extra 2 miles today. Great sandwich though!

  39. Phyllia Pincus says:

    Weight Watchers – 20 points… based on your nutrition numbers. I’ll have it cut in half next time and share (you are allowed 30 or fewer points a day). But great sandwich! Today I just didn’t eat the bottom bread, but that probably only knocked off a couple of points.

  40. Bobby says:

    I thought the sandwich was great. First time I had it today.

  41. Pamela Blankenship says:

    Too much fat and calories and way to much sodium too. Yikes!

  42. ChloeS says:

    Oh I am so upset by this- I was eating at the Costo food court for health reasons.

  43. apodder says:

    I’m disagreeing with that total. There can’t possibly be 45 grams of protein. A couple of slices of turkey and a slice of cheese? I don’t believe it. Even with the pesto spread (which I scrape off as much as possible) I’d put it as closer to 550-600 calories.

  44. Brian Sharpe says:

    a full day’s worth of sdium in one sandwich!

  45. kawika dav says:

    That’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

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