Costco September 2020 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco September 2020 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

Costco has handed out some brand new September 2020 Hot Buys coupons and they start today! There are only 14 coupons this time around but still worth taking a look. The sale goes from September 12th through September 20th. This is in the middle of the September 2020 Costco Coupon Book, which runs through September 25th, with the Costco October 2020 Coupon Book starting on September 30th. If you want to be notified as soon as we release the October 2020 Costco coupon book make sure to sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram.

There are lots of solid deals in the September 2020 Hot Buys coupon book. First of all, you can get Lilly B’s Organic Bean, Cheese, and Rice burritos for 30% off with a final price of $6.99. That’s less than $1/piece for an organic burrito! If you want to try something new during pandemic cooking you might give the boneless pork loin a try and make some great pork loin tenderloin, selling for $4 off per package. Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus Singles are great because you don’t have to open a huge container at once. If you pack lunches you know this is an easy way to take hummus with you! We have a set of the Samsonite Hardside Spinner luggage and can attest to how great it is. At 38% off it is a great value for a two piece set that is known for its high quality.

If you had to pick one item in the September 2020 Hot Buys to purchase, what would it be and why?

Costco P&G Buy $100 Get $25 Shop Card Deal

P&G Spend $100 Get $25

The Procter & Gamble promotion is back at Costco starting today! The promo dates are September 2nd through September 27th. When you purchase $100 of select P&G products (after discounts and before taxes) at US Costco locations or online you’ll earn a $25 Costco Shop Card. Purchases can be broken up into multiple shopping trips online or in the warehouse, making the promotion very achievable!

As you’ll see below, we counted 27 different P&G items that are currently on sale in the September coupon book. So not only are you getting a great deal on these items but then you’re saving even more by getting an additional $25 back on top of it. If all it takes is grabbing an extra bundle of toilet paper or paper towels to meet the $100 spending requirement then we’d say that’s a great investment.

At first glance you might think spending $100 on P&G products over a month might seem like a lot. Turns out after doing some analysis it’s not that hard to achieve at all! Between all the items that are eligible (70+) and the bulk amounts Costco sells you’ll hit the $100 in no time, likely without even trying. Could you stock up on some Gillette shaving cartridges? That’s about $45 right there. What about Tide Laundry detergent? That’s another $30+. How about toilet paper or paper towels? Those are roughly $25 each. The Crest 3D Whitestrips are $12 off which still makes them around $30 after coupon. There are plenty of other categories that P&G covers as well and we’ll break those down later for you.

To get the deal you simply do these steps:

  1. Buy $100 of select P&G products
  2. Submit a copy of your receipt(s) at
  3. Get a $25 Costco Shop Card

P&G Steps

You might be thinking, “This sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?” The only catch we see is that there are a few exclusions, such as all P&G items over $75. This would include Braun products, SK-II skin products, and some Oral-B electric toothbrush packages. Other than that this looks like a real straightforward promotion.

There’s a couple other interesting deal notes you might want to know. First, if you qualify twice or more you can get a max of 2x $25 Shop Cards. Secondly, this is valid on purchases in Costco warehouses,, and even Instacart! Lastly, you have to submit your receipts by 10/30/20.

We’re definitely going to stock up on some our household items to get our free $25 Costco Shop Card. We love the Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish and Hand Soap, so we’re going to grab a couple bottles. We also use the Crest Complete Extra Whitening Toothpaste, so might as well grab another box. With winter fast approaching (and the start of cold and flu season), now is as great of a time as ever to pick up DayQuil and NyQuil to be prepared. Also, buying deodorant at Costco is always a great value, so we’ll stock up there too. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some Charmin toilet paper as well. What household staples are you going to pick up to reach the $100 qualifier?

Costco September 2020 Coupon Book

September 2020 Costco Book Cover

Once again Costco Insider is the first to bring you the Costco September 2020 Coupon Book. This months Costco coupons will be valid from September 2nd through September 27th. To see the early preview just click the link above, which will then reveal all the coupons and allow you to see a slideshow of the enlarged images if you’d like. This time there are only three days between the end of the August coupon book and the start of the September coupon book. Clocking in at 25 pages long this is a good size booklet. If you want to be notified as soon as we release the next coupon book early then sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram.

We should probably call the September 2020 Costco Coupon Book the Procter and Gamble coupon book. The first 5 pages are all Procter and Gamble coupons. The P&G promo states that if you spend $100 on select P&G products you’ll get a $25 Costco Shop Card. Purchases must be made between 9/2/20 and 9/27/20 and don’t have to be all in the same shopping trip. We have written a detailed review of the promo so you can learn more about it and find some tricks to reach the spending requirement. One item that is on sale that we reviewed previously is the Tide Ultra Concentrated Free & Gentle HE Liquid Laundry Detergent at $5 off. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides do not go on sale that often, so we recommend picking that up at $8 off as well. Another item on our recommend list is the ecobee Smart Thermostat, which we reviewed a while back and are still loving our review sample. We haven’t seen the Nestle Spring Water before, so we’re pretty interested in trying that out while it’s on sale. The Costco tire coupon is back to Michelin and ranges from $110 off to $150 off.

Since some have trouble getting the coupons to show we like to give a few instructions to help you out. The first thing is to make sure you’re on the Costco September 2020 Coupon Book page. Once on that page you have to click the link in the first sentence, titled “Costco September 2020 Coupon Book”. If that is not working for some reason you can always click here to go directly to the first page of the coupon book. We hope you enjoy the early preview and are able to plan your upcoming shopping trips better. Which items are you going to wait to grab when they are on sale? Are you going to see if you can reach $100 in P&G products bought?

Costco August 2020 Hot Buys Part 2 Coupons

Costco August 2020 Hot Buys Part 2 Coupons Cover

More Costco August 2020 Hot Buys coupons just came out and we’re pretty excited about it. In what we’re calling the August 2020 Hot Buys Part 2 there are 19 items on sale for the next 8 days. The coupons started on August 15th and go through August 23rd. They completely overlap with the August 2020 Coupon Book, which runs through August 30th. It’s pretty unusual for Costco to put out Hot Buys coupons twice in the same month, but we can’t complain, we love more Costco deals! If you want to be notified as soon as we release the September 2020 Costco coupon book make sure to sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram.

As is standard in the Hot Buys coupon books, there’s a lot of Kirkland Signature items. This time 8 out of the 19 sale items are Kirkland Signature. Basically, the Hot Buys coupons are added incentive to go in to the store. Costco often has unadvertised sale items and the Hot Buys coupons are just another way to tell you about them. We’re pretty excited about the Good Bean Organic Sea Salt Chickpeas. If you like corn nuts these are a healthier version with the same type of crunch you’ll love. Since you can’t sample them right now it’s a good time to buy when they’re on sale and only $3.99 for a whole bag. $60 off the Genie garage door opener is a huge discount, and if you bought it recently you can now get a price adjustment! We have been meaning to stock up on the Kirkland Signature trash bags, so we’ll definitely be taking advantage of the $3 off coupon.

Do any of these sale items interest you? If so, which ones?

Costco August 2020 Coupon Book

Costco August 2020 Coupon Book Cover

We’ve just released the early preview of the Costco August 2020 Coupon Book. The Costco coupons for this month will run from August 5th through August 30th, which is back to the typical 3.5 weeks in length. In order to display the coupons you must click the link above. This will bring you right to them and enlarge them in a slideshow if you’d like. The August 2020 Hot Buys coupons are also running right now if you haven’t seen them. The Hot Buys run from July 25th through August 2nd and the Filet Mignon deal is not to be missed! We’ve heard many reports of stores selling out very quickly on that deal! This coupon book is pretty big at 22 pages and 172 sale items. If you want to be notified as soon as we release the next coupon book early then sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram.

The August 2020 Costco Coupon Book has some great savings this month! The standout deal is the Premier Protein at $7 off. If you haven’t read our in-depth review of their protein shakes make sure to take check that out. Kirkland Signature diapers haven’t been on sale for a long time, so we’d highly suggest stocking up if you can. We’ll definitely be stocking up on the Kirkland Signature Organic K-Cup pods at $5 off. We go through the Breakfast Blend like it’s candy. The tire coupon is Bridgestone for the second month. It’s $110 off if you spend up to $699 and $150 off if you spend over $700.

If you’re still reading and can’t find the coupons you need to make sure that you’re on the Costco August 2020 Coupon Book page. Secondly, you need to click the link in the very first sentence, which is labeled Costco August 2020 Coupon Book. If you still can’t get it to work then you can always click this to go directly to Page 1 of the August 2020 Coupon Book. Initial reviews of the August Savings Book are pretty flattering, do you agree? Let us know what you think!

Costco August 2020 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco August 2020 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

Starting today are the Costco August 2020 Hot Buys coupons. First of all, we have to say we’re pretty excited about the Filet Mignon for $9.99/lb! The coupons for this sale are valid from July 25th through August 2nd. They overlap with the July 2020 Coupon Book by two days and then end a couple days before the August 2020 Coupon Book starts on August 5th. If you want to see a preview of what some of the sale items are in the August 2020 Coupon Book you can also head over to our Upcoming Coupon Books page. Also, if you want to be notified as soon as we release the August 2020 Costco coupon book make sure to sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram.

We recently had the Costco Beef Loin Tenderloin Steak Filet Mignon that’s on sale in the August 2020 Hot Buys coupons. We were very happy with our purchase at full price and if we hand’t just bought some we’d definitely be buying more. Also glad that Fresh Wild Salmon is back in season and available in warehouse. We haven’t had the Aidells Teriyaki Pineapple Meatballs in a while, so we are quite tempted to pick some up at $3 off.

What items on sale are you thinking about picking up? Or are you going to wait until the August coupon book comes out?

Vital Proteins Collagen Water Review

Vital Proteins Collagen Water in Shopping Cart

Vital Proteins might sound familiar to you and it’s because Costco has been carrying the Collagen Peptides powder for a long time. When we got a chance to review the newer Vital Proteins Collagen Water we jumped on it. Thanks to Vital Proteins for sending us a review box! We were honestly shocked at how many health benefits collagen has for your body! Thankfully we’ve spent a lot of time researching it to give you an unbiased and quick look at why you might want to take collagen daily.

When starting our Vital Proteins Collagen Water review the first thing we did was research what collagen is. Shamefully or not, we had no idea what it even was! Turns out it’s a major component of our skin, it’s what our bones are mostly made of, and is 1-10% of our muscle tissue among other things. According to Scientific American, we start producing less collagen at age 20. This explains why our skin becomes more fragile and thinner as we get older. It also explains why our bones get weaker, and muscle tissue gets smaller. Think of collagen as an anti-aging supplement.

Speaking of supplements, we agree that many supplements have a connotation of snake oil, which is why we made sure to read the research and studies about any benefits. Looking at the highly respected database of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) trials and studies really sold us on the legitimacy of these claims.

  1. According to a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial as well as an open-label study, your skin health will improve.
  2. Joint pain will be relieved according to more studies.
  3. Could prevent bone loss. Bone Mineral Density improved 7% in this randomized control study.
  4. Muscle mass can increase. When looking at this double-blind trial the control group gained significantly more muscle than the placebo group!
  5. Many other benefits such as hair, skin, heart health, gut health and more.

There are a few other benefits to using the Vital Proteins Collagen Water over other collagen peptides. First of all the biggest difference maker is that it’s ready-to-drink. There’s no need to mix a powder into a drink. If you weren’t aware like us, collagen is a form of protein. Having the ability to have a quick protein drink after a workout that’s not full of real or fake sugar is a great benefit. Each bottle has 10g of protein which has been hydrolyzed to help your body absorb it faster. They have 3g of sugar or less, as well as 60 calories or less. These are also made without artificial sweeteners or colors.

Vital Proteins Collage Water Bottles

Vital Proteins Collage Water Bottles

You might be thinking, “These sound really healthy, they must not taste that great.” That’s the magic to what Vital Proteins has done so successfully. They’ve managed to pack in the taste while keeping it healthy. Monkfruit extract helps give it the slightest hint of sweetness. These flavored waters are very subtle in their taste, especially when you compare to the Costco staples such as La Croix and Kirkland Signature Sparkling Water. The Collagen Waters are not sparkling like those.

Vital Proteins Collagen Water from Costco comes in a variety pack with 3 flavors. You get 4 bottles each of Strawberry Lemon, Blackberry Hibiscus, and Lemon Slice. Each bottle is 12 fluid ounces. The price for Vital Proteins Collagen Water in Costco stores is $24.99 and is available nationwide. You can also order it online for $31.99 including shipping and handling.

We encourage you to do your own research on the benefits of collagen. We believe you’ll come to the same conclusions as we did. Can’t wait to continue testing it to see for ourselves the benefits to our own bodies.

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