Costco April 2024 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco April 2024 Hot Buys Cover

The Costco April 2024 Hot Buys Coupons have started! These coupons are running from April 1st through April 9th. They cover the gap between the March 2024 Costco Coupon Book and the April 2024 Coupon Book. If you’d like to get notified as soon as we release the May 2024 Coupon Book then make sure to sign up for our email list too!

The April Hot Buys Ad is a little bigger than the last one with 22 regular deals, plus 3 travel deals and 3 pharmacy hot buys. For those that are fans of the Charmin Bath Tissue now would be a good time to stock up at $6.50 off. Speaking of stocking up, we may have to buy the 10-pk of Brita Replacement Water Filters while they’re $12 off! We enjoy Country Archer Mango Habanero Beef Jerky, so we’re excited to see it at $5 off.

What items in this months Costco hot buys stand out to you? Anything on coupon that you are going to make sure to run to Costco for? Leave a comment and let us know!

Costco April 2024 Coupon Book

Costco April 2024 Coupon Book Cover

Here is an early preview of the upcoming Costco April 2024 Coupon Book. The Costco coupons for this month are valid from April 10th through May 5th. To reveal the coupons just click the link above and you’ll be taken right to them. There is a 10 day gap between the March and April coupon books. This is filled nicely with the April 2024 Hot Buys Coupons. If you want to get notified as soon as we release the upcoming Costco May and June 2024 coupon book then make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook!

There are some notable deals in the April 2024 Coupon Book! The most popular deal being talked about is definitely the Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter Salted and/or Unsalted at $3.60 off. This is high quality butter that does not go on sale very often. Another popular item is the Woozoo 5-speed Globe Fan for $10 off. We love the Orgain Organic Protein + Superfoods Protein Powder. At $9 off that’s quite a discount! All the Greenworks lawn/outdoor products are great and we highly recommend those too. The tire coupon has moved back to Michelin and is $60 off a set of 4 less than $900 and $80 off a set that is $900 or more.

If you’ve read this far and the link above isn’t working for you you can also click this link to go directly to the first page of the slideshow for the April 2024 Costco Coupon Book. What are your thoughts on this months coupon book? What will you be buying? Leave a comment and let us know!

Get Better Sleep TODAY!

Weider Sleep Outside Costco

What if you could get better sleep today, and wake up tomorrow without feeling groggy? Well, when WEIDER reached out to us about partnering on their new Sleep supplement, we got excited, because we know how important sleep is for the body! And we also know that so many people struggle to regularly get solid sleep.

WEIDER was a new company for us, and we have enjoyed learning more about them. They are an active nutrition company based in Phoenix, Arizona and their philosophy was one we also feel strongly about: live better for yourself and your family. Their mission is to provide consumers with the best products that Nutritional Sciences has to offer for living a longer, stronger, healthier life.

As a company, the WEIDER brand has been around since 1936 developing innovative dietary supplements based on four main aspects: Quality, Science, Knowledge, and Trust.

The more we learned about WEIDER, the more we got on board with partnering with them. Not only do we love their passion and philosophy as a company, we love that they are producing products you can trust and science you can learn from.

Weider Sleep Pallet

Weider Sleep Pallet

When we heard about WEIDER Sleep, a Melatonin free product, we were excited to give it a try. It was also a great learning process for us as well! Research has shown that brain activity related to stress is a major cause for disrupted sleep. Most of us have a lot on our minds and we carry a lot of responsibility: at home, with our kids and in our marriages, at work, with our finances, etc.

Many sleep products out there help you to fall asleep quickly, but then you still keep wondering why you are up in the middle of the night tossing and turning. WEIDER has clinically tested and proven that their key ingredient, KSM-66, is what helps you find quality sleep, fast. WEIDER Sleep is a melatonin free blend of ashwagandha, magnesium and soothing herbals that help reduce stress, and promote a better onset and quality of sleep.

Here are the high level facts about WEIDER Sleep:

  • Melatonin free
  • Helps reduce stress*
  • Promote better onset and quality of sleep*
  • Highest quality clinically researched ashwagandha: KSM-66®
  • For occasional sleeplessness*
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • 2 capsules per serving
  • 2 month supply
Weider Sleep In Store

Weider Sleep In Store

Here is what people have to say about their experience taking WEIDER Sleep:

“I took Weiders Sleep – Melatonin Free, 30 to 60 minutes before bed and fell asleep easy. I slept through the night and woke up with zero grogginess which is a nice change from when I’ve taken melatonin sleeping products. Also don’t have to worry about the habit forming factor of melatonin!”

“After taking it for about a week, I established consistency and a nice sleeping pattern and then started to see the full benefit of the product, which was falling asleep fast, getting a great night’s sleep, and waking up refreshed and ready to attack the day.”

“The product promotes getting to the more important stages of sleep like deep sleep and REM and staying in those stages for a longer period of time and I definitely felt that by waking up feeling great!”

“One of the ways it works is by reducing stress levels in the brain and allowing me to relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.”

Weider Sleep Melatonin Free

Weider Sleep Melatonin Free

If solid sleep is something you have struggled with, try a different kind of supplement. See if the melatonin-free option is for you. WEIDER Sleep uses clinically tested key ingredient KSM-66 to help you sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. It is drug and hormone free, and includes herbal extracts such as Valerian, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm and Passionflower!

You can find it in warehouses in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Northeast regions, or online at

Pay just $16.99 in stores (and $19.99 online) for a 2-month supply.

Your body deserves the best sleep possible! Try WEIDER Sleep now!

Costco March 2024 Coupon Book

Costco March 2024 Coupon Book Cover

We’ve just released the upcoming Costco March 2024 Coupon Book! The Costco coupons for this month will be valid from March 5th through March 31st. Take note that the Sunday end date Costco will be closed for Easter, so the in-store deals will end on March 30th. To display the coupons you need to click the link above and you’ll be taken to them. The Costco March 2024 Hot Buys Coupons are also valid right now through March 3rd. If you want to get notified as soon as we release the upcoming Costco April 2024 coupon book then make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook!

The March 2024 Coupon book is here and we’re feeling hungry! This month’s best deal is from MUSH! Their Overnight Oats are ready to eat, made with clean ingredients, and come in an 8 count variety pack featuring: blueberry, vanilla bean, and strawberry. DF, GF, no added sugar, and no artificial anything, these are an easy and healthy way to start your day! And they are whole family approved! Grab an 8-pack for just $6.99 (that’s $0.87 per cup!). We are big fans of the Greenworks tools, so we highly recommend getting them while they’re on sale. Premier Protein has some great ready-to-drink flavors and is $5 off. The Suncast 6′ x 5′ Modernist Resin Storage Shed is pretty tempting at $599.99 after $200 off. We’re also definitely going to have to try the TRUBAR Plant Based Protein Bars at $6 off. This months tire coupon will be Bridgestone and it’s $60 off a set of 4 for $899.99 or less or $100 a set of 4 for $900.00 or more.

If you can’t get the link above to display the coupons you can also click this link to go directly to the first page of the slideshow for the March 2024 Costco Coupon Book. What items are you excited for to be on sale? Anything you’re definitely picking up? Leave a comment and let us know!

New Costco Food Court Items Coming!

Costco Food Court February 2024 Changes

Some exciting (or maybe not so exciting?) changes are coming to the Costco Food Courts! The roast beef sandwich is being replaced by a turkey swiss sandwich, and the strawberry ice cream is being replaced with chocolate ice cream. These are big changes, especially for regular visitors to the food court!

The newest Costco to open in Daytona, Florida posted these new changes to the menu and are currently selling these items. You should make sure to Follow @CostcoInsider on Instagram so you could have found out about this change 2 weeks ago!

According to a lot of people’s feedback, the roast beef was not a fan favorite. There were lots of complaints about its flavor and textures. And maybe the change towards Turkey and Swiss is a focus on some healthier options? Costco has done this before, but it’s usually pretty hit or miss.

It is important to note that the turkey and swiss sandwich is NOT the same as the old hot turkey sandwich that Costco food courts offered. That sandwich was turkey, provolone, and pesto. This new addition to the menu is Turkey and Swiss.

Followers don’t seem too excited about this change, even though the roast beef wasn’t a favorite either. Choosing swiss cheese is always risky because it’s more of an acquired taste. And the price is throwing some people off as well. It’s clear you can buy items in the store to make this turkey sandwich and spend less money. Compared to the previous turkey sandwich that was only $3.99, people seem pretty hesitant to spend $6.99 on this new turkey sandwich. The new sandwich includes the following ingredients

  • Oven roasted turkey breast, sliced
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
  • Mayo/Mustard Spread

With changes like these, you see a lot of Costco shoppers that want more options for specific dietary needs. For instance, gluten free or vegetarian options are requested often. There are also a lot of requests for other food items to come BACK to the menu, such as combo pizzas, chocolate dipped ice cream bars, turkey provolone sandwich, polish dogs, churros, etc.

As far as the changes in ice cream flavors goes, some love it and others are pretty disappointed. It seems that if you are a major strawberry fan, replacing it with chocolate is not going to be something you get excited about. But for those who love chocolate, this is a welcome change! The most common hope with the chocolate change is for the swirl to return. Why can’t Costco just keep the strawberry and ADD chocolate to the menu- then everyone would be happy!

We are expecting these new additions to arrive in the next 1-3 weeks, so keep an eye out for changes that may be coming your way soon! Have you tried it already? What do you think??

Costco February / March 2024 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco February 2024 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

Starting tomorrow are the Costco February 2024 Hot Buys Coupons! These coupons will run from February 24th through March 3rd. As usual, they cover most of the gap between the February 2024 Costco Coupon Book and the March 2024 Costco Coupon Book. If you’d like to get notified as soon as we release the March 2024 Coupon Book then make sure to sign up for our email list too!

The February Hot Buys Ad is pretty small at only 20 regular deals. However, there’s still some good Costco items. We haven’t tried the Lesser Evil Himalayan Gold Popcorn yet, but at $1.50 off it will be tempting. The Kirkland Signature Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are always tasty, so $2 off makes them quite a good deal. The deli item on sale this month is the Kirkland Signature Mac and Cheese at $2.99/lb. It’s also a good time to stock up on contact lens solution with BioTrue on sale for $4 off.

Anything you’re going to pick up in this months hot buys coupons? Leave a comment and let us know!

Noosa Yogurt on Sale NOW!

Noosa In Costco

High quality, delicious, probiotic-filled, real ingredient yogurt on SALE! When Noosa reached out to us to collaborate on their 12 count variety pack yogurts at Costco, we were eager to say yes! We have always been curious about their yogurt because we have heard such great things.

When we started to do some research on the Noosa brand, we were excited to learn all that they stood for as a company. Not just high quality, but the best quality ingredients is their aim. They are all about integrity, community, creativity, and uncompromising principles. We love this. And we love supporting companies like this- whether as a business or as a family.

Noosa Flavors

Noosa Flavors – Lemon, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Blueberry

One of the best things about high-quality, authentically made yogurt (that isn’t loaded with refined sugars) is that it’s good for your gut health. Loaded with probiotics, yogurt. Probiotics help regulate the digestive system and decrease gas, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. Some research has suggested that probiotics can boost the immune system! Consuming yogurt can also help enhance absorption of vitamins and minerals.

One genuine surprise in tasting this yogurt was the quality. The rich, creamy texture tastes truly well made. With simple, real ingredients, you can truly taste the healthy nature of the yogurt. The flavors are absolutely delicious, and the entire family approves! Sweetened with wildflower honey, you can feel good about giving this to your kids. No refined sugars, high quality whole milk, and tons of fresh fruit makes this a new kitchen staple for us.

Noosa In Aisle

Noosa In Aisle

These yogurts are great for snacks, grabbing something on the go, adding to a meal, a healthy dessert, or even putting into popsicles molds and freezing! Protein, probiotics, and fruit make these a filling and tasty treat during the day. The Costco variety pack comes with 3 flavors: blueberry, lemon, and strawberry rhubarb. All 3 are sure to please- they are delicious!

Noosa Lemon

Noosa Lemon

Right now at Costco, get Noosa’s 12 count variety pack with 3 delicious flavors for just $6.69! That’s $3 off the regular price now through February 25th! Take advantage of this deal and add a healthy staple to your family’s meal plan this month!

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