Premier Protein Café Latte Review

Premier Protein Cafe Latte in Cart

Our favorite protein shake, Premier Protein®, is finally bringing its beloved café latte flavor to all Costco stores. If you haven’t yet heard of the brand, where have you been hiding? The product page for the protein shakes is closing in on 20,000 reviews, with almost 17,000 customers giving the drink five stars. We were ecstatic when we heard they were shipping us some samples—we’ve seen it in other stores over the last year and a half and have been itching to give it a try.

As is our custom, we stacked the ready-to-drink shakes in the fridge when they arrived. This is optional of course, but we’ve found that we like them best chilled. The red-capped bottles were right in line with what we’ve become accustomed to, and the numbers on the front confirmed that it was nutritionally identical to the main shake line: 30g of protein with 160 calories, 1g of sugar and 3g of fat. It’s also free of gluten and no artificial growth hormones were used to produce the milk for the protein and packed with 24 vitamins and minerals.

The next morning, we cracked open a shake with our partner and did our usual taste test. It went down as smooth as the others, this one creamy and true to its advertised coffee flavor. We’re also happy to report that it isn’t overly sweet, which is something we’re always wary of with flavors like this.

Unlike the other brothers and sisters in its product line, the café latte flavor packs a bit of an extra punch with the equivalent caffeine content of one cup of coffee. It’s a natural addition, saving us the mini-hassle of juggling the shake alongside our morning cuppa Joe. Just keep that in mind when serving the kids.

Our partner had the bright idea to serve this over ice to simulate a true iced latte, but the beauty of this drink is that you can enjoy it whether you’re sipping slowly at home or running frantically between meetings and errands. It’s so versatile that it really helps eliminate any excuses you have for incorporating it in your daily routine. We’ve found that one 11oz bottle helps keep the hunger pangs away, so it’s great for helping get through mornings, as a quick midday top-up or really anything in between. It’s also of course great post-workout.

New Flavor - Café Latte

New Flavor – Café Latte

If you’re feeling creative, you can freeze it overnight and thaw it out to drink as a slushie, or even incorporate it into your baking. The Premier Protein site has recipes for chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles and even cinnamon roll blondies!

The café latte flavor is coming in to replace the peaches and cream flavor, so if you’re a particular fan of those you should stock up while you can. As always, note that these are all a bit different than the Oat version of the shakes, which contain 20g of protein and 7g of fiber.

The nationwide rollout has just happened (with the exception of stores in Utah), so make sure you get your hands on some during your next visit to Costco! We’ve heard that these have been selling out quickly at other chains.

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