Premier Protein with Oats Review

Premier Protein with Oats

Premier Protein Shake with Oats is at Costco stores nationwide and we were able to do a full review and taste test for you before you buy. If you’re wondering whether you should try it, our review goes in depth on flavor, use cases, nutrition and more. You probably recognize the brand name and box, and it’s because Premier Protein has been in Costcos for a long time. The main differences are that this one comes with oats, is designed to be consumed both hot and cold, and is a new flavor — Apple Cinnamon. You can also read our review of the caramel flavored protein shake we did recently. In addition, it’s also now on sale with a $5 off Instant Rebate Coupon from 3/1/2021 through 3/28/2021!

Almost all protein shakes are designed to be consumed cold and Premier Protein conducted market research to come up with this ground breaking concept of heating it up. Having it hot really makes it a great breakfast go-to. In less than a minute you can have a breakfast addition that’s hot and gets you the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals needed to help take on the day. The best part is that the flavor of Apple Cinnamon really pairs well with breakfast too.

When we began our review we were actually expecting oats to be floating in the shake. To our surprise it’s extremely smooth and creamy. There are no noticeable particles at all. It’s nice and light, making it easy to consume. The apple cinnamon flavor is a great combination of the two with neither being too overpowering.

On there are already 40 reviews and it has a 4.6 star rating. Check out some of the comments:

“These can be either hot or cold and taste amazing either way. It’s my favorite flavor of the protein shakes and the oats doesn’t make it too thick either!”

“These taste absolutely amazing. I will reorder.”

“I drink Premier Protein shakes regularly, but this has got to be the best new product I’ve ever tried!”

Premier Protein Shake

Premier Protein Shake

The reason the oats were added was to increase the amount of fiber in the shake. Both fiber and protein take longer to digest. So we can now have this shake as part of breakfast at 150 calories and stay fuller longer. The 7g of fiber is 25% of the recommended daily value. Also great after a workout to get that full feeling and still get 20g of protein.

While prices vary slightly, the shakes come out to roughly $1.50 each for the 18 pack at Costco. We highly recommend picking up a box and giving it a try. Those that want a healthy lifestyle and to reach those health goals but find themselves struggling to find the time have an easy solution here with Premier Protein Shake with Oats. You can also learn more about it on the page as well as read reviews, or purchase it now if you can’t get to a Costco store soon. Overall, we were impressed and we have no doubt you will be too!

Disclaimer: We were compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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