Costco July 2022 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco July 2022 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

Starting tomorrow are the Costco July 2022 Hot Buys Coupons! They will run from July 23rd through July 31st. The July 2022 Coupon Book ends this Sunday and the Hot Buys coupons start this Saturday. This will fill the gap between the July 2022 Coupon Book and the upcoming August 2022 Costco Coupon Book that will start on August 3rd. This is a pretty good size set of Hot Buys coupons at 41 deals listed.

There is quite a variety of deals in the July 2022 Hot Buys Coupons. We spotted the new Wonderful Chili Roasted Pistachios in the warehouse and are excited to try them. The price on the Feit Smart Dimmer Switch is amazing too. They are $20 for a 2 pack after coupon, or $10 each, compared to the price of a dimmer from Home Depot, which starts at $24. That Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker is tempting at $40 off, especially considering the heat waves across the U.S.

Which items stand out to you in the Hot Buys? Anything that will bring you into the store over the next week? Leave a comment and let us know!

Save BIG on this powerful Greenworks tool!

Greenworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer

We’ve said it before, and we will keep saying it- we love Greenworks products! And when they asked us to review their Electric Power Washer, the choice was easy.

We love Greenworks as a brand for a few different reasons. First of all, their name says it all- every one of their products are electric, making their footprint on the environment much smaller than their competitors.

Second, their products are reliable. You know what you’re getting with each product. High quality, easy to prepare and use, easy to store, and great customer service should you ever need it.

And when buying their products at Costco, not only do you get a great price, but you always get an additional warranty or product that comes with your purchase.

We have loved their Electric Pressure Washer. Whether it’s our Saturday chores or the every-so-often cleaning of the patio pavers, this is our go-to tool.

Not only is it easy to store, but it isn’t as noisy as other power tools we’ve used in the past. And since we are early risers, our neighbors like this feature as well!

Another feature we really like is the kink-resistance hose. It never gets out of control and is easy to maneuver while operating the pressure washer. Another bonus about the hose is the length. It has always been long enough for the jobs we need to get done.

Needless to say we are big fans! Here is an overview of the features of Greenworks’ Electric Pressure Washer-

Features of the Greenworks 2000-PSI 1.2_GPM Electric Pressure Washer:

  • PWMA Certified Performance
  • 10” never-flat Wheels roll smoothly from yard to driveway
  • On-board Removable soap tank
  • Metal Gun rear attachment
  • Hassle-free 25’ Uberflex kink-resistant hose
  • 35’ power cord with GFCI
  • Smooth Operation and less Noise
  • Constant, dependable power time after time
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Costco Value – Awesome Price- $50 off through July 25th!

Also available for additional purchase Item 1615712 Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer Accessory Kit includes 12” surface Cleaner, Foam Cannon, Turbo Nozzle and 5 replacement Tips

Greenworks 2000psi Pressure Washer Back

Greenworks 2000psi Pressure Washer

Here is what happy customers are saying about the 2000 PSI Electric Power Washer from Greenworks:

“If you want to clean your concrete, decks, stucco on your house, etc, then this will save you tons of money and enable you to complete the job at your convenience.”

“The set up was very straightforward and fairly easy to follow.”

“I didn’t notice any issues operating it for extended periods of time and never had a problem overloading the circuit I was using. If you’re looking for a medium duty pressure washer, I’d highly recommend this one.”

“The cords give great flexibility for use. I was able to reach out a second story window and have the nozzle passed to me so I could finally clean one of those dirt spots that forms below shutters.”

The reviews speak for themselves. Give Greenworks a try for yourself- right now is the perfect time! Get $50 off the Electric Pressure Washer at Costco now through July 25th!

Greenworks Pressure Washer

Greenworks 2000psi Pressure Washer

This Greenworks Product Blew Us Away!

Greenworks 80v Jet Blower

It’s no secret we love the Greenworks brand and all that they stand for. Their products are powerful, reliable, and easy to use. So when they reached out to us again for a review on their new 80V Jet Blower, we were stoked. Make sure you read our previous review on multiple other products from Greenworks too.

The Greenworks 80V Jet Blower with (2) 2Ah Batteries (Item 1520823) has up to 730 CFM of Air Volume at 170 MPH to Power through Debris, wet leaves and more. It has a lightweight and ergonomic design that allows for easy control and arm movement.

Greenworks’ Jet Fan technology provides the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. Not to mention, Greenworks TruBrushless Motor Technology means more power, longer runtime, efficient operation, and an extended motor life. And we know that when you’ve got a task to finish, you want a tool and especially a battery that lasts until completion!

Right now for a limited time at Costco, the 80V Jet Blower is on sale for $60 off! You don’t want to miss it!

Utilizing best-in-class technology, Greenworks tools deliver the power and performance of comparable gas-powered tolls without the mess, noxious fumes, stamina-reducing vibration and noise associated with gas products. This leads to better products for the environment, as well as a much more pleasant experience for all those tasks on your to-do list.

Benefits of 80V Battery:

  • No Gas Smell – You no longer must smell like gas after mowing
  • No emissions Save money and breathe clean air
  • No Maintenance No tune-ups, no mixing fuels, no messy spills
  • Low Noise easy on the ear, low decibel
  • 80V Exclusive Battery Guarantee (4-year base warranty is extended 4 additional years) when registered at

Not only is the 80V blower on sale at Costco for $60 off right now for a limited time, but Greenworks also has their 80V trimmer and 80V lawn mower on sale too! Take advantage of this great sale and round out your assortment of needed yard tools!

Here is some more detailed information on the trimmer and lawn mower:

Greenworks 80V 16” Front Mount String Trimmer:

  • On sale now for $60 off for a limited time!
  • 27 CC Gas Power Equivalency
  • Patented Load N’ GO ™ trimmer head spool for fast, hassle-free line reloading- reload trimmer line in mere seconds
  • Up to 100 minutes of runtime on a single charge
  • Includes 4.0 Ah battery that recharges in 50 minutes or less
  • 20% lighter than comparable gas string trimmers
  • 80V Exclusive Battery Guarantee (4-year base warranty is extended 4 additional years) when registered at
  • Battery Powers 50+ 80V Products – One battery to mow, blow, cut, trim, cultivate, and more!
  • Costco Value: Shoulder Strap, five rolls of pre-cut .095” trimmer line
Greenworks 80v String Trimmer

Greenworks 80v String Trimmer

Greenworks 80 V 21” Self-Propelled Lawn Mower: Item 1572122

  • On sale for $100 off now for a limited time!
  • Dual Battery Port with Auto Switchover Dual battery ports with Auto Switch™ – when one battery depletes, the mower’s power supply is automatically switched to the second battery
  • Up to 90 minutes of runtime on a single charge EX fold™ handles are simple to use just pull, fold, and store in seconds- taking up to 70% less space
  • 7-Position Single-Lever Height adjustment
  • Twenty percent lighter than comparable gas mowers
  • Includes (2) 4.0 Ah batteries that recharges in 50 minutes or less
  • 80V Exclusive Battery Guarantee (4-year base warranty is extended 4 additional years) when registered at
  • Battery Powers 50+ 80V Products – One battery to mow, blow, cut, trim, cultivate, and more!
  • Costco Value: Extra Battery and Mower Blade
Greenworks 80v Mower

Greenworks 80v Self-Propelled Mower

We’ve found that once you buy Greenworks tools, you never go back. And right now, these prices are too hard to pass up. Start, add to, or round out your collection of powerful and reliable yard tools with Greenworks. You won’t regret it.

Shop Now!

Costco July 2022 Coupon Book

Costco July 2022 Coupon Book Cover

It’s time we bring you the Costco July 2022 Coupon Book! The dates of this months coupons are from June 22nd through July 24th. Clicking the link above will take you right to the coupons where you can then click on them to enlarge them. Don’t forget we also have the June 2022 Hot Buys Coupons which just started on June 11th and run through June 19th. If you want to get notified as soon as we release the July 2022 Coupon Book then make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook!

The Costco July 2022 Coupon Book has quite a mix of sales. The BODYARMOR Sports Drink isn’t on sale very often, so if you’re a fan it’s a great time to stock up at $4 off. Same with Huggies Diapers, which sees the Pull-Ups Plus Boys or Girls for $9 off. Orgain Protein Shakes are back on sale too, at $6 off. We feel like this coupon book is light on food items. We love the Aidells Organic Chicken and Apple Sausage, so we’ll definitely pick up some of them at $4.30 off. Nutella is rarely on sale too, and at $3.80 off the 2 pack, makes it a great deal. The tire coupon has switched back to Bridgestone and is $150 off a set of 4 tires.

If you can’t find the link above to reveal the coupons you can also click this link to go directly to the first page of the slideshow for the July 2022 Costco Coupon Book. We’d love if you left a comment letting us know which items in this coupon book you’re going to buy!

Costco June 2022 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco June 2022 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

The Costco June 2022 Hot Buys Coupons have started! They will run from June 11th through June 19th. As usual, they fill in most of the gap between the May and June 2022 Coupon Book and the upcoming July 2022 Coupon Book that starts June 22nd. This is a big month of coupons with 44 In-Warehouse deals and another 8 Online-Only deals.

The June 2022 Hot Buys Coupons are definitely focused on summer. The first three items are great for barbecues and parties. There’s tortellini pasta salad from the Costco deli, there’s a vegetable tray and a package of mild italian sausage. We love the sausage but have been unable to finish it while it’s fresh. A large party would solve that problem. The Charmin ultra soft bath tissue is not on sale that often, so people typically stock up when it’s on sale. Although keep in mind, it’s limit 2.

So, with all the choices, what are you going to pick up during this short sale? Leave a comment and let us know!

Nature Made Magnesium On Sale NOW at Costco!

NatureMade Magnesium Bottle

Add magnesium to your diet now!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored email by Nature Made. All reviews and opinions expressed in this email are based on our personal views.

When Nature Made reached out to us for a product review on their Extra Strength Magnesium 400 Mg Softgels, we were thrilled! Not only is Nature Made a company we trust, with products we use regularly, but it gave us a chance to really dive into learning about magnesium.

We have been blown away by the effects of magnesium on the body. What stood out to us from the start is that nearly half of the US population doesn’t get enough magnesium from food alone. And when benefits from magnesium are things like bone health, muscle function, nerve function, and the ability to convert food into cellular energy, that is something you want to pay attention to! †

So, what is magnesium anyways? Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body- and 50-60% is stored in our bones! Magnesium is typically identified as an electrolyte- it plays a key role in many bodily functions. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and helps convert food into cellular energy. It also supports essential nerve function and nerve health. Similarly, it helps support muscle and nerve function, and supports bone health. Working as an electrical conductor, magnesium helps support muscle relaxation and helps to maintain a normal heart function. †

Wow, wow, wow. This has been such a powerful learning experience for us! Magnesium will absolutely continue to be part of our dietary supplement regimen.

NatureMade Magnesium Back Label

Nature Made Magnesium Back Label

And why Nature Made magnesium? Nature Made is the #1 Pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.* You can absolutely trust their products- we sure do!

After personally taking this magnesium supplement for a while now, we truly won’t go back. We absolutely feel the difference and love the way our bodies are responding.

Nature Made Magnesium Extra Strength 400 Mg Softgels are on display at Costco from May 23rd to June 5th. Not to mention you can get $4 off in the May and June 2022 coupon book from May 18th to June 12th. Make sure to take advantage of this great deal!

You want more magnesium in your diet. If we can feel the effects of this important mineral, we know you will too.

* Based on a survey of pharmacists who recommend branded vitamins and supplements.
† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Costco May and June 2022 Coupon Book

Costco May and June 2022 Coupon Book

Hot off the presses is the Costco May and June 2022 Coupon Book! This coupon book is like all others, but it is the one time of the year that it equally spans two months, hence the name. This months coupons are valid from May 18th to June 12th. When you click the link above it will reveal the coupons and take you right to them, where you can tap on them to enlarge them. Also keep in mind the May 2022 Hot Buys Coupons just started and fill the gap between the April Coupon Book and the May/June Coupon Book, running from May 7th through May 15th. If you want to get notified as soon as we release the July 2022 Coupon Book then make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook!

The May and June 2022 Costco Coupon Book really centers around summer in our eyes. Right on the front page you have sunscreen, charcoal for bbqing, outdoor rugs, and outdoor patio furniture. The best buy this month is definitely the Stryve Hickory Air-Dried Beef Biltong jerky. At $4 off that’s over a 30% discount! We love that there’s 0g of total sugar, it’s keto friendly, and has no MSG or nitrates. Another popular item is the Melona Frozen Dessert Bars at $3.50 off. We have yet to try them but with all the positive reviews we are quickly considering. Our favorite Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil is on sale for $5 off. We are big fans of the Alba Botanica Sunscreen, so we’ll pick up the 2pk at $5 off. The Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil isn’t on sale that often, so it’s a great deal at $29.99 for a 6qt case. The Kinder’s Organic Mild BBQ Sauce is our go-to bbq sauce, so we’ll stock up on that at $2 off. We hear great things about the Stryve Hickory Air-Dried Beef Biltong, so we might pick it up at $4 off and give it a try. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pack is a good buy too at $3 off. The tire coupon is back to Michelin at $150 off any set of 4 tires.

If you’re still reading and can’t get the coupons to show up then you can click this link to go directly to the first page of the slideshow for the May 2022 Costco Coupon Book. So, what are your thoughts on this months Costco coupons? What items are you going to buy? Leave a comment and let us know!

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