Costco August 2021 Coupon Book

Costco August 2021 Coupon Book Cover

It was a long wait but we finally have the Costco August 2021 Coupon Book! The coupons run from August 4th through August 29th. To display all the coupons you need to click the link above, which will reveal them and allow you to click them and enlarge them. The July 2021 Costco Coupon Book ends today July 25th and then there’s a 10 day gap between the July coupons and the August coupons. Thankfully there are July 2021 Hot Buys Coupons that fill the gap between the two coupon books. If you want to see an early preview of the September 2021 Coupon Book make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook.

There are some exciting deals in the August 2021 Coupon Book! We found the best deal this month to be the Bibigo Beef Mandu. We love that it’s $4 off, and that it’s a quick and delicious option for your Korean food craving. As you’ll read in our review, these Beef Mandu are hearty, full of protein, and a great price! Kirkland Signature Diapers don’t go on sale that often, so it’s always a good time to stock up. Looks like they’re making them in more sizes now too, so that’s exciting! Another item that caught our eye was the Premier Protein Shakes at $7 off per case. We know a lot of people that depend on the Foster Grant Reading Glasses, so seeing that at $6 off per 3 pack is a great deal. Our kids love snacking on the Sensible Portions Sea Salt Garden Veggie Straws and the Hippeas Organic White Cheddar Chickpea Puffs. There’s no doubt we will stock up at $2 off a bag. The tire coupon is once again Bridgestone at the usual $110 off up to $699 and $150 off $700+.

If for some reason the link at the top isn’t working for you to reveal the coupons you can also click here to go directly to the first page of the August 2021 Costco Coupon Book slideshow. We feel like there’s a lot of items worth buying this month, so tell us, which ones will you be stocking up on??

Costco July 2021 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco July 2021 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

There’s quite a few interesting sale items in the upcoming Costco July 2021 Hot Buys Coupons! They will start tomorrow July 24th and run through August 1st. This one’s a little smaller than last month with only 28 items on sale. With the July 2021 Costco Coupon Book ending this Sunday July 25th and the August 2021 Costco Coupon Book not starting until August 4th this fills that gap very nicely. Like last month, there are 3 Kirkland Signature items on sale in this flyer, which is pretty low. If you want to be notified as soon as we release the August 2021 Costco coupon book make sure to sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram.

You don’t want to miss out on some of the items in the July 2021 Hot Buys Coupons. We have the Koda 46” LED Linkable Shop Light with Motion Sensor and Remote in our garage and love them. We even wrote a review on them, so make sure to read it to get all the details. At $10 off they’re a steal at $19.99 after coupon. The very first item in the Hot Buys is the Strawberry Filled Croissant 6 pack at only $6.99 after $1 off. We’ve never tried them before but this seems like a great time to give them a try! It’s pretty interesting to see Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on sale for $3 off considering the crazy past year. Lastly, we’re going to have to pick up a pair of the Weatherproof Vintage Men’s Joggers at $3 off, making them only $9.99.

Do you agree with our assessment? We’re pretty sure these hot buys are going to drag us into the store, what about you?

Bibigo Beef Mandu Review

Bibigo Beef Bulgogi Mandu

If you’re a fan of fast, healthy, and delicious Korean food, then Bibigo’s Beef Bulgogi Mandu are for you. You’ve seen many of their products on Costco shelves, and we were really excited to review them for you. Thanks to Bibigo for providing the product as well!

Bibigo’s Beef Mandu are high in protein with 15g per serving! They also have a higher filling and thinner wrap ratio, with 73% filling in each piece!

We were impressed with how easily and quickly they cooked. With a little oil, simply stick them in a pan to fry them, turning every so often. In just 8 minutes, they are hot, they have a nice crispy coating, and they are ready to eat!

With a larger percentage of meat and vegetables in each piece than other brands on Costco shelves, these are actually filling. They have a hearty beef flavor, with other textures like the vegetables. In fact, they cut the meat and veggies into larger chunks than other brands, allowing you to really feel the texture.

You can actually see and taste the ingredients inside, which attributes to the way Bibigo has intentionally made a healthy and fast alternative to takeout! And even better, you can actually pronounce each ingredient on their nutrition label, which means less processed foods and more wholesome goodness you can feel good about eating! With each bite you can taste the onion, beef, cabbage, garlic, and soy sauce flavor. Even better, they deliver an authentic Korean bulgogi flavor by grilling the meat on an open fire to create the smoky flavor that people love from BBQ!

Bibigo Beef Mandu Nutrition Facts

Bibigo Beef Mandu Nutrition Facts

For just $13.99 you get 3 lbs. of these Beef Mandu. There are 10 servings in each bag, which means you’re paying less than $1.50 for a small dinner, delicious appetizer, or quick lunch. Mandu is also very versatile — great for soup, salad, stir-fry, and more! We love the way Costco has partnered with Bibigo yet again to make affordable and delicious meals so accessible! They are exclusively at Costco stores, in all regions across the US.

And we aren’t the only ones who are loving this product. Costco members are saying the same things about these Mandu: “Tasty!” “Great price for all that you get!” “Hearty, filling, and delicious” and “You can taste the vegetables and great beef flavor in each bite”.

Even parents are talking about this product saying, “I can quickly cook these up for my kids. Whether for an entire meal or a snack throughout the day, I feel good knowing they are getting such a great source of protein. And even as picky eaters, they love the flavor!”

By storing a few packages of Beef Bulgogi Mandu in your freezer you’ll always be ready for a quick, delicious meal.

It can often seem like eating healthy and budgeting don’t go together. But with the amazing price Costco has placed on these Beef Mandu, it’s possible! Take advantage of this great price and keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

These Beef Bulgogi Mandu from Bibigo will now be living in our freezer. It is such a great product to keep on hand for last minute company, kids and their friends, or for an easy meal throughout the week. We know you’ll love them too!

Rip Van Stroopwafels Review

Rip Van Wafels with Coffee

As soon as we saw this new twist on an old favorite on Costco shelves, we knew we needed to write a review. If you know Rip Van wafels, then you know why we’d be really excited about their new 2 Pack Minis with only 2 grams of sugar! Whether with coffee in the morning, as a snack in the afternoon, or an after dinner treat, these minis are the perfect addition to your pantry.

When Rip Van reached out and asked us to write a review, we were excited to put the product to the test! It’s easy for low sugar products to sound good, but taste marginal. So we decided to give it a try!

As we have learned more about the Rip Van company itself, we have appreciated their products even more. Rip Van is a minority-owned business, founded in 2012 by Rip Pruisken and Marco De Leon. They were two hungry college students on the hunt for both convenient and healthier foods. Inspired by Rip’s favorite childhood treat – the stroopwafel – Rip Van has reimagined the Dutch delicacy, creating a low-sugar, high-fiber snack that’s as delicious as it is nutritious.

Rip Van currently offers six flavors of their signature stroopwafel, Dutch Caramel & Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Honey & Oat, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie and Cookies & Cream, with mini singles & mini pouches also available.

We first gave the sample a try the good old fashioned way- with coffee! It was the perfect addition to our morning coffee routine, and we didn’t miss the sugar at all! We really didn’t even notice a difference in taste!

Besides the great creamy, rich flavor, the mini size is a new favorite way to eat Rip Van wafels. It’s just sweet enough to enhance your coffee, and yet not a heavy way to start the day. And something about the mini size caused us to savor the goodness just a little bit more.

Later in the day, we decided to give it the diaper bag and toddler try. In a pinch, while out running errands, we pulled it out of the diaper bag and handed it to our little guy in the back seat. It was a hit to say the least. Nothing is better as a mom on the go than having easy-to-reach-for snacks. And low sugar? The best! Safe to chew and easy for little hands, it’s a perfect on-the-go snack for parents and littles alike!

Rip Van Wafels Nutrition Facts

Rip Van Wafels Nutrition Facts

Besides the amazing flavor that has truly passed the taste tests of many, we love what this product contains! Not only does it have just 2g of sugar, it also is a prebiotic! It has a prebiotic fiber that feeds your gut’s good bacteria, which helps with digestion and overall good health. Score!

Additionally, it has a low glycemic index which means it can be a daily part of maintaining consistent blood glucose levels, as part of a healthy, balanced diet. And lastly, it has 4g of fiber! At 70 calories a pack, you can’t go wrong. We are really impressed that these 2-pack mini Wafels pack such a health punch with incredible flavor- and not to mention, the healthiest option in Costco’s cookie aisle!

Rip Van wafels are available in all Costco Northeast stores, with a rollout in the Southeast region coming soon. These tandem minis, available in a 32 count pack, are sold exclusively at Costco stores for just $9.99.

Like we said earlier, this is the perfect addition to your pantry- and with Costco’s large quantity size, you can have the ideal on-the-go snack right at your fingertips for a great price. It’s hard to find such a satisfying snack for just 31 cents!

Overall, we highly recommend Rip Van’s 2 pack mini waffles. We’ve added them to our pantry as a staple, and we think you should too!

Costco July 2021 Coupon Book

Costco July 2021 Coupon Book Cover

The deals are rolling out now with the hot off the presses Costco July 2021 Coupon Book. The dates of the sale are June 23rd through July 25th. To view the coupon pages you simply click the link above to reveal them, where you can browse through and enlarge them if you’d like. Once again there’s a 10 day gap between the May and June Costco Coupon Book and the July Coupon Book. However, the June 2021 Hot Buys Coupons fill that gap nicely, so make sure to check them out too! If you want to see an early preview of the August 2021 Coupon Book make sure to sign up for our email list, follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook.

We’ve already heard a lot of comments about the July 2021 Coupon Book. One coupon that really stands out is the Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic motor oil at $10 off. The first comment we saw was, “1 qt./6 qt. Mobil 1 motor oil in various viscosities/formulations for $27.99? Sign me up.” Another said, “I usually buy 4-5 cases when it’s on sale.” If you’re thinking about taking a road trip soon you definitely want to do an oil change beforehand, so make sure to read our article on preparing your car for summer road trips. The Firman Tri-Fuel Generator stands out as an interesting deal at only $699 after coupon. We hear they’re likely to sell out quickly in some parts of the country. We always enjoy the Columbus Herb Roasted Turkey Breast, which is a great deal at $4 off per package. We’re also excited about the Aidells Organic and/or Antibiotic-Free Chicken & Apple Sausage which is also $4 off after coupon. We might need to buy a chest freezer so we can stock up on more! The tire coupon this month is Bridgestone with $110 off up to $699 and $150 off $700+.

If the link above isn’t working for you then you can click here to go directly to the first page of the July 2021 Costco Coupon Book slideshow. What do you think of the July coupon book compared to the last several months? Does it have a lot of items you buy regularly or not?

Costco June 2021 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco June 2021 Hot Buys Coupons Start Today

The Costco June 2021 Hot Buys Coupons just dropped and we’re excited to bring them to you! They start today June 12th and run through June 20th. In total there are 37 items on sale in this coupon booklet. The Hot Buys coupons traditionally run between the coupon books to fill the sales void and bring you back in to the store. The May/June 2021 Costco Coupon Book will end on Sunday June 13th and the July 2021 Costco Coupon Book won’t begin until June 23rd. There are surprisingly only 3 Kirkland Signature items on sale in this flyer. If you want to be notified as soon as we release the July 2021 Costco coupon book make sure to sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram.

As usual, there are a few items that stand out to us in the June 2021 Hot Buys Coupons. First of all, the Kinder’s Organic Buttery Steakhouse Seasoning has been getting rave reviews online, so we’re excited to try it. It’s normally $6.99 but only $4.99 after the $2 off coupon. We never thought we’d see toilet paper on sale again, but sure enough you can get Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue for $5 off. Getting a pressure washer for only $149.99 is a heck of a deal if you’re in the market for one. The Husqvarna 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is $40 off during this sale.

Which June Hot Buys coupons stand out to you? Anything that’s going to drag you into the store so you don’t miss out?

Pampers Swaddlers now at Costco!

Pampers Baby at Costco

Any parent out there knows that Pampers is a brand that can be trusted. It’s been around for many years, and Pampers is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. So when they offered us a bunch of diapers to sample, we were thrilled! We also knew that because of how many new parents turn to Costco for their needs, a Pampers Swaddlers review was a must.

Why ‘Swaddlers’? Well if you’re anything like the parents we have talked to, you want diapers that can be trusted. Trusted to get your little ones through the night without soaked pajamas in the morning. Trusted to withstand road trips, play dates, busy schedules, and blow outs. And maybe most importantly, trusted to be gentle and soft on your baby’s delicate skin.

That’s what you get with Pampers Swaddlers. Sizes are 1-6 are now in select Costco warehouses – and may not be available in all locations. And while Pampers Swaddlers are available in other retailers, we all know that buying in bulk at Costco is the way to go. So get excited! They are coming your way!

And who would’ve thought we’d be asked to review diapers! But we know the reality that any experienced parent out there has a good blow-out story from when their baby’s diaper just didn’t do what it promised to do. Or maybe it’s not blow outs, but every morning you find your child has been sleeping in soaked clothes because the diaper couldn’t hold enough liquid. Diapers are a really big deal in your life stage with littles, and we know that buying Pampers Swaddlers will help take one more worry off your plate. And not only that, but buying them from Costco helps you buy more for less money, and with less frequent trips to the store. All major things to consider when you have children.

We first put the product to the test with a five month old. He had very sensitive skin, so we were concerned with how this product would hold up compared to other diaper brands. Here is what we found: whether it was multiple changes in a day because of his tummy struggles, or a change after his 8-hour nighttime stretch, he didn’t have any red marks from the diaper or leaks out the sides. His skin was dry, soft, easy to wipe clean, and not irritated. We were really impressed.

We then put the product to the test with a 14 month old. He was sleeping 13 hour stretches at night, 3 hours during the day for his nap, and running around throughout the day with lots of energy. So not only did his parents need good coverage for long stretches of time without him waking up soaked, but they also needed good coverage for a kid that moves like crazy whether running in the yard, jumping on the dog, or doing gymnastics classes at the local gym. The results? Exactly what we had hoped. Pampers Swaddlers stayed snug on his skin without irritating it, and he wasn’t waking up with wet pajamas from soaking through.

We know Pampers has both parents and kids in mind, and that they’ve been thinking through the latest technology to help make life with littles just a little easier.

With Pampers Swaddlers you don’t need to compromise on price, comfort, or quality. They are an all-in-one diaper you can trust. The last thing parents need is to worry about the dependability of their baby’s diaper. And Pampers knows that. So get ready, they are coming to Costco and to YOU soon! We are stoked.

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