Costco Signateur Grill Review

Signateur Grill

After our most recent purchase we decided we just have to give you a Costco Signateur Grill review. The Signateur 5-Burner barbecue grill is by far the best one we’ve ever owned. We’ve gone the route of the cheap Home Depot barbecue before and as usual, it rusted and fell apart after a year or two. This time we decided to go with something much higher quality, that will last a really long time. After mulling the options we decided on the Signateur at Costco (yes, very similar to Kirkland Signature, but we looked into it and it’s not the same company). It’s $599 in store and $749 online, which includes shipping. Considering this is 250 pounds it was very nice to have it shipped and delivered right to our backyard.

Now let’s get into our review. First of all, this is a SOLID piece of metal. Our last barbecue was very flimsy and this definitely is not. We were quite impressed with the build quality. The manufacturer says they use 304 Stainless Steel, which is great because it won’t rust or corrode. Literally every piece of metal on this bbq is stainless steel, whereas less expensive bbqs tend to go cheap in some areas, and that’s where they usually fall apart. Even the grill grates are stainless steel, which is pretty rare on a bbq. They also say that it should last for at least 10 years. The best part is, if it does break down quicker than we’re expecting, Costco has a great return policy that we can use! So, we feel better about taking a slight risk on a lesser known brand knowing we can always return it if it’s not to satisfaction. We definitely don’t think we’ll have to do that though. We love the attention to detail, such as the winged bolt used to hold the propane tank snug in place in the slide out propane tray. And we were pretty surprised at how quickly the barbecue heated up. Within minutes it was already roaring at 500+ degrees (and the gauge goes up to 700!). Another attention to detail is the side hooks for hanging barbeque tools. You don’t really realize you’re missing it until you have it and it’s awesome.

Signateur 5-Burner Grill

Signateur 5-Burner Grill

We had a few concerns before buying the Costco Signateur Grill but they were quickly put to rest after emailing their customer service email address. First of all, when buying a small brand grill you want to make sure you can get parts if you need them. The team at Signateur assured me that parts will be available. They told me Costco made them sign an agreement that they’ll have all parts available for the grill for at a minimum of 7 years after purchase. We also read through the reviews on and were concerned about the knobs not turning. Just as customer service wrote in the response to the review on Costco’s website, you have to turn hard once to loosen and then it’s easy after that. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend this is a great gift for the Father/Dad in your life! We highly recommend it and have been so happy with our choice so far!

Costco Coupons June 2018

Blurred Costco Coupon Book

We wanted to give you a quick roundup of all the June 2018 Costco coupons. Most popular are the monthly coupon books which are mailed out every month. There are plenty more deals happening this month as well though. Between the May/June Costco coupon book and the July coupon book will be some warehouse-only deals. There is also a Groupon for new Costco memberships right now! Lastly, Read More to see a list of all the unadvertised deals throughout the store (59 deals at the time of writing) that you might not know about!

May/June 2018 Costco Coupon Book | May 23rd – June 17th
June 2018 Southwest US Warehouse-Only Flyer | June 18th – June 27th
June 2018 Hot Buys Coupons | June 18th – June 27th
July 2018 Costco Coupon Book | June 28th – July 29th
Membership Discount | May 30th – June ?? (we estimate June 17th)

Undadvertised June Deals (Instant Rebates):
A-1 Original Sauce 2/20 oz $8.99 – $1.50 = $7.49 (exp. 6-24-18)
Aidells Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage 3 lbs $13.49 – $3.50 = $9.99 (exp. 7-1-18)
Bare Fruit Organic Fuji Apple Chips 14 oz $9.89 – $1.50 = $7.39 (exp. 6-24-18)
Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears 65/0.8 oz $12.99 – $3.00 = $9.99 (exp. 6-24-18)

Costco Membership Deals

Costco Groupon 2018 Ad

Costco Membership, Includes $20 Cash Card + Exclusive Coupons

Who doesn’t want a Costco membership deal? This is about the best deal you’ll get all year for a new membership (and roughly happens about once per year). This is a very limited offer that we don’t know the end date of, but will likely be only 1 week, so act fast! The deal is through Groupon, and we’ll outline all the steps necessary to complete. It will cost you $60 and you’ll get up to $145 of value out of it. Also, if your membership expired before February 1st you can renew using this deal as well!

$60 for a One-Year Costco Gold Star Membership Package ($144.98 value)

This Costco membership deal comes with the following benefits:

  • A One-Year Costco Gold Star Membership, which includes a membership card for the primary cardholder as well as one free Household Card
  • $20 Costco Cash Card
  • Exclusive coupons consisting of the following products ($64.98 value):
    • Free Kirkland Signature AA Batteries 72 ct ($19.99 value)
    • Free Kirkland Signature Disinfecting Wipes Variety 4-Pack ($9.99 value)
    • $10 off Fresh Meat (beef, chicken, pork, or fish; excludes deli items)
    • $25 off an order of $250 on

Buy Now

Remember, this deal expires very soon, so take advantage before it’s gone! If you’d like to upgrade to Executive you can do that at the membership counter when redeeming your certificate. If you’ve been a secondary cardmember but not a main account holder we believe this will work in that case as well. Another tip we have is that you should definitely wait until the first of the month to redeem your certificate in store so that your membership will last longer. If you redeem it on the 31st of the month you would get one less month of membership.

How It Works

  1. Complete your purchase on Groupon.
  2. Receive your voucher from Groupon and redeem it online.
  3. You’ll get an email with a Costco Membership Activation Certificate to print.
  4. Bring the printed certificate to your local Costco to complete your membership application.
  5. Receive your Costco Cash Card within 4-6 weeks and your coupons within 4 weeks of voucher redemption.

You can also view this video showing you the steps once you’ve completed your purchase.

Costco Coupons May 2018

Here is an early preview of the Costco Coupons for May 2018. The May 2018 Costco Coupon Book runs from May 23rd through June 17th. Clicking the link above will take you right to the coupons so you can view them and enlarge them if you’d like. The May Hot Buy Coupons will also overlap some of the May coupon booklet as well, as some deals in there end on May 27th and some on June 3rd. As usual, the May coupon book is 23 pages long, with one large product ad page (Red Bull Energy Drink). There is also a few pages of Exclusive Buyers Picks this time, which are products that are singled out as a good value, but are not on sale. If you want to get an email as soon as we post the latest coupons you can sign up for our email list, or Like us on Facebook!

As mentioned above, for the May 2018 coupons, one interesting deal is the Red Bull at $7 off, which brings it to about $1 per can. It has been this price in the past, but last time we remember this price was a few years ago. The tire sale was mentioned in our preview post (Upcoming May 2018 Costco Coupon Book), but it is $70 off a set of Michelin plus an additional $60 off when paid for with the Costco Citi Visa Card. There are a lot of summer items on coupon this month, such as Neutrogena Sunscreen, Greenerways Organic Bug Repellent, and some Puma Sandals. There’s also a newer product we haven’t seen before, Cascade Mountain Tech Mini LED Lanterns at $5 off. We love the Bai Antioxidant Variety Pack and will be stocking up on that at 20% off.

If you clicked the link and are wondering why it’s not working please make sure you’re on this page when clicking the link in the first sentence. So, what do you think? A better May 2018 Coupon Book than you expected? Which items will you be waiting to purchase next week?

Costco May Hot Buys Coupons

Costco May 2018 Hot Buys Coupons

Between the April 2018 coupon book and the May/June 2018 Costco Coupon book will be the May Hot Buys coupons. These will mostly run from May 14th through either May 22nd or May 27th, with two of the deals going through June 3rd. There are 23 deals in the May hot buys coupons and 7 of them are Kirkland Signature items. As you can imagine, from a marketing perspective, it’s easier for Costco to discount their own branded items than working with a third-party manufacturer to offer these discounts, which is why we believe these hot buys usually contain a lot of Kirkland Signature items.

There are some interesting items in the May Hot Buys coupons. We can’t say we’re quite as excited about these coupons compared to April or March, but we’ll point out a few deals worth mentioning. A chef friend of ours loves the frozen Mahi Mahi, which is $5 off, so we’d recommend you give that a try if you haven’t. Secondly, if you haven’t tried the 540 TC Kirkland Signature sheets they’re pretty great, and we believe this might be the lowest price we’ve ever seen them. Lastly, the Table Top Fire by Northwoods Decorative is 33% off ($50 off), which is a pretty aggressive discount. If you want to see other deals coming up in the May coupon book make sure to take a look at our upcoming May Coupon Book post.

If you didn’t get the email about this already then make sure to sign up for our email list so you don’t miss a deal! As a reminder, prices may vary slightly from store to store.

Costco Portofino 7 Piece Seating Set Review

Portofino Collection 7 Piece Deep Seating Set

For only a few more days the Portofino Comfort 7-piece Seating Set will be on sale on You may have seen this deep seating set in the April 2018 Costco Coupon Book, as it is $500 off through May 13th. Since it is such a good value ($1999 after coupon) and we’ve been in the market for a new outdoor patio furniture set for quite a while, we pulled the trigger and got the Portofino 7 piece seating set from Costco. We are so impressed we thought we’d write a review of it so you can jump on the deal before it expires!

As you probably know, Costco only stocks high quality items that they can stand behind and that their unrivaled warranty can stand behind. The Costco Portofino 7-piece Seating Set is definitely one of those items that fits that bill. First of all, it’s extremely comfortable. There’s a reason the name Comfort is in the product title. It has upgraded 6″ comfort cushions that are built to last. Those are wrapped with Sunbrella fabric, which is also top of the line, and has proven over the years to not fade. You can probably find lower cost patio furniture at Walmart or Home Depot but those sets aren’t going to use the high end materials that this set uses, and will ultimately break down after a year or two, causing you to spend even more money in the long run. Also, all Portofino Collection items use our exclusive SolarFast, 100% virgin Outdoor Resin Wicker that is rated at 3000 UV hrs or 3 years of direct sunlight exposure. Those are some of the highest standards in the industry.

Portofino 7 Piece Set in Laguna Blue

Portofino 7 Piece Set in Laguna Blue

The Costco Portofino 7 Piece Seating Set comes in two color options on You can get it in either Laguna Blue, which has a Gray wicker and Indigo Blue cushions, or in Taupe Mist, which has Espresso colored wicker with Heather Beige cushions. One really nice feature is that you can get more matching pieces as the budget will allow. Costco carries a whole Portofino collection, so you can get a matching umbrella, dining set, chaise lounge, or fire pit/table. You can also get accessories such as covers that fit the seating set exactly from the manufacturers website. The 7 piece set comes with the following pieces:

  • Sofa
  • 2 Club Chairs
  • 2 Ottomans
  • Coffee Table
  • Side Table

One thing we didn’t really think about beforehand was how nice it is to have a bunch of different pieces vs having a sectional. When you have a bunch of different pieces it gives you many more options on how you can arrange your space. With a sectional you’re pretty limited in your arrangement and it will fit in less spaces. Since we have a smaller deck it was really nice to be able to try a few different arrangements with the patio furniture to see what would work best for our space. There is no other set on that seats as many people for this low of a price. We highly recommend it if you’re thinking about getting an outdoor patio furniture set!

Upcoming Costco May 2018 Coupon Book

Blurred Costco Coupon Book

The Costco May 2018 Coupon Book will be valid from May 23rd through June 17th. We could also consider it the June 2018 Costco coupon book since it runs more than halfway through June. Also in the month of May the April 2018 Costco coupon book runs through May 13th. There are May Hot Buy coupons between coupon books once again as well.

One interesting deal we’d like to mention coming up in the May and June Costco Coupon Book is the Michelin tire deal. It will be the usual $70 off however you will get an additional $60 off when using the Costco Citi Visa card. We’ve posted all the upcoming coupon book dates below. Make sure to sign up for our email list to get a notification as soon as we post the upcoming Costco coupon book. You can also Like us on Facebook to get notified right away!

Dates on upcoming coupon books:
May 2018 Costco Coupon Book | May 23rd – June 17th
July 2018 Costco Coupon Book | June 28th – July 29th
August 2018 Costco Coupon Book | August 9th – September 2nd

Costco Coupons April 2018

April 2018 Costco Coupon Book Cover

The Costco Coupons for April 2018 are here! The April 2018 Costco Coupon Book will run from April 19th through May 13th. When you click on the link above it will take you right to the coupons for this months booklet. Once again the Hot Buy Coupons are also running during April too. They started April 9th with most ending on April 18th and some on April 22nd. The Early April Hot Buy Coupons are here to tide us over between the ending of the March coupon book and beginning of the April coupon book. The April coupon book is 23 pages long, with a few more large page product ads. If you want to get an email as soon as we post the latest coupons you can sign up for our email list, or Like us on Facebook!

After going through the April 2018 coupons we’ve come up with a few good deals we want to point out. The Portofino Collection 7-piece Deep Seating Set is killer value at only $1999 after $500 off. If you’re looking for an outdoor patio furniture set that seats a lot of people this is your best bang for the buck at Costco. No other set seats as many people for this type of price. The Brita water pitcher is $8 off, making it only $21.99. This is much better than the $42 price at Walmart or $50 price at Amazon. We really like the Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet at $199 as well. If you haven’t tried the Snappers Dark Chocolate Sea Salt then you need to read our review of them. Lastly, the Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes are a great deal at $15.99 after the $4 coupon. That makes them 1.7 cents per wipe, which is an amazing value. The tire coupon is surprisingly Michelin after being Bridgestone for only 1 month.

If you’re still looking for the April 2018 Costco Coupon Book then click the link in the first sentence when you’re on the post page and you’ll be taken right to them. What are your takes on the April Coupons? Which items will you be looking to get out of this coupon book?

Costco Early April Hot Buys Coupons

April 2018 Costco Hot Buys

As we outlined in the Upcoming April Costco Coupons post, the Hot Buys coupons are back again between the March 2018 coupon book and the April 2018 coupon book. The deals start today, April 9th, and run through various April dates. Most will end on April 18th and some on April 22nd. Costco is trying to get more customers in store between coupon books, and is offering aggressive pricing, especially on their own Kirkland Signature products, to do so. The reason Costco is able to do this has a lot to do with the tax breaks they’ll be getting this year, and they want to use that “extra” money to not only reward their employees, but try to grow their business.

When we gave you the early scoop in the Upcoming April Costco Coupons post we mentioned that the Kirkland Signature Protein Bars would be on sale. If you haven’t tried them yet we highly recommend you give them a shot. If it’s been several months since you’ve tried them we suggest trying them again, as Costco has improved them by changing the texture a bit to be easier to eat and not so hard. At $11.99 for the box that comes out to only $0.60/bar, whereas the equivalent name brand Quest bars can run about $2 each on average. The TCL 65″ 4K LCD TV is a good deal at only $599. It’s not the highest quality picture out there, but for the price point it can not be beat. The Netgear Orbi Whole Home Wifi system is also intriguing to us at $60 off, making it $389.

If you didn’t get the email about this already then make sure to sign up for our email list so you don’t miss a deal! As a reminder, prices may vary slightly from store to store.

Upcoming Costco April 2018 Coupon Book

Coupon Book Blurred

The Costco April 2018 Coupon Book will run from April 19th through May 13th. What we’re calling the March 2018 Costco Coupon Book will still be running through April 9th as well. There will also be another round of hot buy coupons between the March and April coupon books to entice you into the store. There will be no shortage of Costco deals this month!

One great deal we heard about that will be in the hot buy coupons is the Kirkland Signature Protein Bars. They are regularly $17.99 (which is already cheaper than their look-a-like product Quest bars). They will be an incredible $6 off with instant rebate coupon, making them only $11.99. If you haven’t tried them yet we highly recommend them, and at this price you’re not going to find a better protein bar. They will be on sale starting April 9th and run for about 2 weeks.

Dates on upcoming coupon books:
April 2018 Costco Coupon Book | April 19th – May 13th
May 2018 Costco Coupon Book | May 23rd – June 17th

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