New Costco Food Court Items Coming!

Costco Food Court February 2024 Changes

Some exciting (or maybe not so exciting?) changes are coming to the Costco Food Courts! The roast beef sandwich is being replaced by a turkey swiss sandwich, and the strawberry ice cream is being replaced with chocolate ice cream. These are big changes, especially for regular visitors to the food court!

The newest Costco to open in Daytona, Florida posted these new changes to the menu and are currently selling these items. You should make sure to Follow @CostcoInsider on Instagram so you could have found out about this change 2 weeks ago!

According to a lot of people’s feedback, the roast beef was not a fan favorite. There were lots of complaints about its flavor and textures. And maybe the change towards Turkey and Swiss is a focus on some healthier options? Costco has done this before, but it’s usually pretty hit or miss.

It is important to note that the turkey and swiss sandwich is NOT the same as the old hot turkey sandwich that Costco food courts offered. That sandwich was turkey, provolone, and pesto. This new addition to the menu is Turkey and Swiss.

Followers don’t seem too excited about this change, even though the roast beef wasn’t a favorite either. Choosing swiss cheese is always risky because it’s more of an acquired taste. And the price is throwing some people off as well. It’s clear you can buy items in the store to make this turkey sandwich and spend less money. Compared to the previous turkey sandwich that was only $3.99, people seem pretty hesitant to spend $6.99 on this new turkey sandwich. The new sandwich includes the following ingredients

  • Oven roasted turkey breast, sliced
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
  • Mayo/Mustard Spread

With changes like these, you see a lot of Costco shoppers that want more options for specific dietary needs. For instance, gluten free or vegetarian options are requested often. There are also a lot of requests for other food items to come BACK to the menu, such as combo pizzas, chocolate dipped ice cream bars, turkey provolone sandwich, polish dogs, churros, etc.

As far as the changes in ice cream flavors goes, some love it and others are pretty disappointed. It seems that if you are a major strawberry fan, replacing it with chocolate is not going to be something you get excited about. But for those who love chocolate, this is a welcome change! The most common hope with the chocolate change is for the swirl to return. Why can’t Costco just keep the strawberry and ADD chocolate to the menu- then everyone would be happy!

We are expecting these new additions to arrive in the next 1-3 weeks, so keep an eye out for changes that may be coming your way soon! Have you tried it already? What do you think??

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