Gelato and carne asada bake nutrition facts

Nutrition facts

A lot of people have been wondering how many calories are in the new Costco carne asada bake.  The quick answer is: 740 calories.  And for gelato, there are 551 calories in a cone of stracciatella, 498 in a cone of pistachio, and 444 in a cone of mixed berry.  Doing a little quick math that makes the variety cone come in at 498 calories.  Looking at some of the other items in the food court I was a little surprised by some of the numbers.  The item with the highest number of calories is actually the ice cream bar (870).  Next on the list was the burger and fries, but I think those are only available overseas.  The next highest, to my surprise again, was the turkey wrap.  Maybe that’s why no one bought it and they are now phasing it out.  People talk about how dry it is and how it needs dressing, yet it somehow has a ton of calories, even though it has healthy components such as lettuce and a whole wheat tortilla.  You can see the rest of the nutritional facts in the PDF, which I originally found at HyperDad.

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5 Responses to “Gelato and carne asada bake nutrition facts”

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  2. cc says:

    They are horrible, carne asada wrap

  3. Sam says:

    They are not that horrible, it’s not a gourmet food but it does fill the stomach and it has a pretty good flavour. I grab it whenever I am out working and don’t have time to cook and it does not cost much eiter. They could improve the wrap of this thing, sometimes it does get a little chewy.

  4. Gary Burghart says:

    Tried Gelato at a costco the other day. It was the best thing ever! How do we get it to the Santee, CA Costco?

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