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Within ten minutes I was able to narrow down which tires my car uses, what my options at Costco were, the costs involved, and how long it would take to get my tires changed.  You can call the tire center directly, and that’s what I did, by looking up the phone number at the Costco.com locations page.  First thing I did was tell them what car I had, the Costco employee told me what options there were and their prices and mileage warranties, and I wrote those down.  Tire center is usually pretty busy, so much that you often have to bring in your vehicle in in the morning if you want to get your tires changed.  So, I let the busy worker off the phone, did a quick google search for tires for my car, realized Costco’s prices were very good, and called them back.  This time I asked how busy they were and if I brought my car in now how long it would take.  They told me two hours, but it ended up being less than one.  Costco now has a fancy tire website that will give you most of this information as well.  In the future I’ll probably look there first, to waste less of the workers time.  The website does not match exactly what’s in store, but it’s close.

The worker on the phone was very courteous, as was the guy who I dealt with in person.  I think overall, their service is very good.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is best to get there early in the morning if you want the fastest service, before the queue builds up.  My tires were rated at a 45,000 mile warranty.  So, if they run out of tread before then, or a defect occurs, I’ll either get a prorated refund (tread) or a new tire (defect).  Another advantage to Costco is that they fill your tires with Nitrogen.  Nitrogen has larger molecules than Oxygen, which keeps more air in your tires, because it does not seep out slowly like Oxygen.  Having to stress out because you got a flat tire can suck as well.  Luckily Costco will fix that flat for free.  You can’t beat that.  Lastly, they will give the tires lifetime rotation and balance.  That can add up to quite a bit of savings.  Free disposal and installation definitely make your Costco purchase come out ahead in the long run.  Here’s a link to the pdf if you’d like to look over the Road Hazard Warranty.  What has been your experience with Costco’s tire center?  Good?  Bad?  Indifferent?

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