Gelato and carne asada bakes coming to Costco food courts

Costco Gelato

We were just informed that within a week most if not all Costcos will be getting gelato and carne asada bakes in their food courts.  We were very excited to get this news, especially after reading the rave reviews the gelato has gotten at other Costcos.  For only $1.50 you get three large scoops on a waffle cone!  That is a steal.  And the reviews say the gelato is very high quality.  The flavor choices are Pistachio, Mixed Berry (tastes like strawberry apparently), and Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate bits).  The test stores had a separate gelato stand, but I believe it will now be served with all the other food court items.  I don’t think they will be taking out any desserts to make room for the gelato, but they will be taking out the turkey wrap to make room for the carne asada bake.  If you haven’t read my review of the carne asada bake, check it out.  We’ll update with more information as we get it.

Gelato guy

Employee gives gelato thumbs up

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  1. […] all the details on the gelato here. Posted in food court Tags: food court, gelato, new « Consumer Reports Reviews Costco […]

  2. […] As soon as you walked in the door, right in front of the TVs, was a table where they were sampling the three flavors.  They were pretty busy, so I only grabbed a pistachio, because I had no idea if I’d like it […]

  3. […] how many calories are in the new Costco carne asada bake.  The quick answer is: 740 calories.  And for gelato, there are 551 calories in a cone of stracciatella, 498 in a cone of pistachio, and 444 in a cone […]

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