Costco gelato review

So I got the call that gelato was in my local Costco and I rushed over there to try it.  The line was long and the customers were going crazy, but I got my gelato.  As soon as you walked in the door, right in front of the TVs, was a table where they were sampling the three flavors.  They were pretty busy, so I only grabbed a pistachio, because I had no idea if I’d like it or not and I knew I’d like the other flavors.  It was pretty good, so I went with the variety cone with all three flavors.

The food court line was long and some of the regular register lines were only one-person deep, so I jumped in a regular line and ordered my cone of gelato. The other nice thing about that, besides skipping the food court line, was that I could pay with my American Express, whereas the food court only accepts cash.

Gelato bins

Lots of gelato!

I got my variety cone and started with Pistachio on top.  It wasn’t my favorite flavor of the three, but it was good: very creamy, lots of flavor. Next was mixed berry, which tasted mostly like strawberry, and even had chunks of real berries in it.  Last was stracciatella — vanilla with chocolate chunks — which I think I liked the best.  I still think stracciatella would have been better had it had bigger chocolate chunks in it.  The cone seemed almost too big, it was a lot of waffle cone to eat.  And we found it funny to eat Italian ice cream in a cone with an American flag wrapper on it.  As far as the gelato flavor goes, they are making it fresh every morning in the food court, and it showed.  The gelato was excellent.  I would rate it a 9/10 on flavor, and 10/10 on value.  Every Costco member needs to try it, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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3 Responses to “Costco gelato review”

  1. JB says:

    All 3 flavors tasted the same to me. But for $1.49, you can’t beat it. Any other gelato shop will charge at least $3.50-$5 for this.

  2. fernando says:

    tried it today, sept 23.

    Totally tasteless no matter the flavor requested.

    cones not bad but the imitation gelato is way poor!!

    my views

  3. Paul Robilotti says:

    Guess that is why they never had it again?? I have not seen it.

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