Changes to the Costco Coupon Book – Part 2

April 2017 Costco Coupon Book Cover

As we mentioned in Part 1 of Big Changes to the Costco Coupon Book, a lot of things are changing. There will be less coupon books per year, they won’t be on a monthly schedule quite like they were before, the number of coupons in each coupon book will be less, and more. Since publishing that article a couple of sources reached out and corrected some information. We have since verified their info to be correct and wanted to pass on the news! Read on to see what we’ve learned!

Yearly Frequency

We initially published that there would be only 6 coupon books during the year. That number has now been changed to 10. We’re not sure if it was always 10 or if Costco quickly reversed course after seeing the fallout from the February coupon book, but either way, we’re happy about it.  In 2016 Costco had 11 coupon books including food, and 12 if you count the hard-lines Black Friday ad. This year there will be 10 but there will also be 2 additional coupon releases before holidays, each 1 week in duration, with really aggressive pricing. So, in total, there will also be 12 Costco coupon books throughout the year.

Treasure Hunt Items

One thing we didn’t mention in Part 1 of the changes was that Costco is focusing more on bringing in what they call treasure hunt items. They think of shopping at Costco as a treasure hunt. That’s partly why they move items around the store so frequently. Anyway, they’ll be bringing in more unique and fun items to the stores that you haven’t seen before. It might be a unique salty snack, perhaps organic, that hasn’t been broadly carried at all Costco stores and has only been tested in a couple locations. Another example would be a unique seasonal flavor of Oreo cookies that they think members would love. Costco wants good variety in the coupon book instead of running Starbucks Frappuccino 6x per year. They’re trying to do Frappuccino 3x per year and something unique that might be exciting to find 3x per year.

Deeper Discounts

In each of the 10 coupon books the discounts will be deeper in most cases. Combine that with the awesome pricing in the special holiday coupon books and we’re going to be getting some pretty great values this year.

Coupon Book Dates

We initially published that there would be a longer gap between coupon books but after receiving dates for the Costco June 2017 Coupon Book and Costco July 2017 Coupon Book we can say that it doesn’t look like that will be true at all. Dates since coupon book changes began below:

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