Costco May 2017 Coupon Book

April 2017 Costco Coupon Book Cover

We’ve just published an early preview of the Costco May 2017 Coupon Book. Clicking the link above will bring you right to the coupons so that you can view them. The May coupon book runs from April 27th through May 21st. There was only a week and a half between the Costco April coupon book and the May coupon book. Also, the May flyer is the same size as April at 18 pages long. The big changes to the coupon book we were worried about don’t seem to be as bad as initially thought, and we’re happy for that. If you’d like to be notified as soon as we post the latest coupons you can sign up for our email list, or Like us on Facebook!

We’d definitely classify the May Costco coupon book as your standard monthly Costco coupon book. The typical items are on sale, from food, to vitamins, to cleaning supplies. Whenever Huggies diapers are on sale they are a good deal, and this month is no exception. If you’ve never tried a Vitamix we highly recommend them, and they’re $50 off which is really good. The Brita wave is great as well. We were excited to see Snappers Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Pretzels back in the coupon book as you might remember how much we raved about them in our review last year. As summer ramps up Coppertone sunscreen is on sale once again, and at $3.50 off is probably a better deal than you’ll find anywhere. The tire coupon is Michelin, which is interesting because it was Bridgestone for only a month. We’ll watch the ads to see if they frequency of two months on and two months off has changed.

If you’re still reading and haven’t found the May coupon book you just have to click the link at the top of the post. You’ll also find a list of all the items in the coupon book and their final prices. What do you think of the May coupons? Any sales you think are notable and worth picking up? Let us know below!

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6 Responses to “Costco May 2017 Coupon Book”

  1. EmilyAnon says:

    In case others aren’t aware of this, I just discovered that if you buy something at Costco regular price previously, then the new coupon book lists it with a discount, you can bring in your receipt and get credit for the discount. I think that’s kinda nice.

  2. Costco97 says:

    We noticed this coupon book cover didn’t mention the total amount of member savings inside. Can’t remember the last time that happened. Anyone have a theory why?

    • Dan says:

      Excellent point! Maybe it wasn’t a particularly great metric for the amount of actual savings a given member received. It’s also possible that the number has dropped significantly and they’d rather not have people wondering why their savings suddenly “evaporated.”

  3. Horowitz Family says:

    They have the Nongshim Udon noodle cartons on sale again until 5/7. They’ve been on sale about 3 or 4 times a year. Just going through the store before the coupon book was delivered or online, there were discounted products in the aisles that had expiration dates of varying dates (4/30, 5/7, and 5/14). There were the usual clearance items at the front of the store as well.

  4. Ronald Kuivinen says:

    I still can’t find it!

  5. Kevyn Wagner says:

    Any idea when the Braun mens shaver will go back on sale for $99?

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