Tips On How To Best Buy Lighting At Costco

Costco Lighting Aisle

When walking into the Lighting aisle at Home Depot or Lowes, or even browsing, it can be very overwhelming as there are too many options to choose from! If you’re like us, you can find yourself looking through all the choices wondering what it is you really need, what actually matters for the specific environment, will the quality hold over time, and what style compliments the room you’re considering the purchase for.

If you are like most consumers, checking out the lighting aisle at Costco wasn’t your first thought when considering lights for your home and/or business. However, Costco is the exact spot any consumer looking for great style, quality, and value should step into first.

Costco carries a curated collection of light fixtures to meet any of your design needs. Costco’s buyers do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding the most popular styles, specifically for you and what you’re looking for.

To keep things exciting for members like you, Costco brings in new lighting fixtures often. Their products rotate frequently, so it’s a good idea to check back once or twice a month if there’s a specific style you are looking for. For example, the Koda Shop Light, which we reviewed last year, lasts up to 50,000 hours and is easily linkable and installable to bring new life to spaces in your home, garage, or office. We are big fans of this great product, but even this top-rated light won’t be in stores forever.

Koda Outdoor Coach Light

Koda Outdoor Coach Light

Costco chooses only high quality products from vetted companies. That means, instead of the countless choices you have with many other retailers leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure, you can trust that what you choose at Costco will be dependable and durable. If for any reason at all you were to be dissatisfied, Costco’s return policy is the best in the world- so you can feel confident about your purchase!

Also, remember there is always a sale for at least 2-3 light fixtures at a time in the Coupon Book. For example, in the November Coupon Book, the shop light we talked about earlier is on sale for $6 off.

When you head on over to your local Costco, head to the lighting aisle and interact with the test samples on the shelves to learn more about what they offer. As always, make sure to read the packaging to understand all the features each light offers, in order to make the best decision for what you need.

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