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Costco December 2022 Coupon Book

Costco December 2022 Coupon Book Cover

As Costco members we love this time of year and part of that is due to the just released Costco December 2022 Coupon Book. Yes, that’s right, another set of coupons and these run from November 21st through December 24th. In order to show the coupons on the page you need to click the link […]

Costco September 2022 Coupon Book

Costco September 2022 Coupon Book Cover

Hot off the presses, we bring you the upcoming Costco September 2022 Coupon Book. This months Costco coupons will be valid between August 31st and September 25th. To view them just click the link above, which will take you right to the coupons. Keep in mind the once a year Procter & Gamble promotion is […]

New Year, New Home

Koda Ambient Lighting

Think Like an Interior Lighting Designer It’s a brand new year! 2021 is behind us and we are looking forward to all 2022 will hold. One thing we know now more than ever before is that our home matters. The way our home feels when we spend so much time in it matters. The way […]

Tips On How To Best Buy Lighting At Costco

Costco Lighting Aisle

When walking into the Lighting aisle at Home Depot or Lowes, or even browsing, it can be very overwhelming as there are too many options to choose from! If you’re like us, you can find yourself looking through all the choices wondering what it is you really need, what actually matters for the specific […]

Costco November 2021 Coupon Book

Costco November 2021 Coupon Book Cover

The Costco November 2021 Coupon Book is here! The dates of these coupons are from October 27th to November 21st. To reveal all the November coupons you need to click the link above. This booklet is not valid during Black Friday, but you can see the Costco Black Friday 2021 Ad here. If you want […]

Koda 46″ LED Linkable Shop Light with Motion Sensor Review

Koda Shop Lights in Costco

2020 has been the year of staying home, and that means we’ve spent a bunch of extra time and energy upgrading various parts of our house. For us, that’s meant a lot more hours in the garage. We (finally!) cleaned it out and took to using it as a launchpad for various projects we’ve been […]

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