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Think Like an Interior Lighting Designer

It’s a brand new year! 2021 is behind us and we are looking forward to all 2022 will hold. One thing we know now more than ever before is that our home matters. The way our home feels when we spend so much time in it matters. The way others feel when they share our space with us matters. And if you’re anything like us, you like to clean, organize, and enhance your home to start the year off right.

One of the finishing touches to an area in your home you can see the biggest difference in is lighting. It can enhance the mood, improve the level of comfort, liven up a simple space, and so much more. While choosing the right style, fixture, type of light, location, etc., can feel pretty overwhelming, Costco can make it easier for you.

We want to help you think like an interior lighting designer. Why? Because we know how to make lighting compliment what you already have without having to completely remodel the space.

We have found Costco’s light selection has everything you need to create a balanced lighting plan. In order to find the right lighting for an area, it needs to be well balanced.

There are 3 types of lights interior designers use to balance a room.

Costco Lighting Aisle Options

Costco Lighting Aisle Options

The first type of lighting designers use is called Ambient Lighting. Ambient lighting helps with overall lighting of a space to make it bright and functional in a room. Ambient lighting is typically soft and diffused. Examples of ambient lighting are flush mounted ceiling lights, LED strips, or chandeliers.

In terms of what Costco sells for ambient lighting, Koda has an LED ceiling light available. This light by Koda has a white light color changing feature that allows you to easily change the light from a cool white to warm white light with the flip of your light switch.

The second type of lighting used by designers to balance a room is Accent Lighting. Accent lighting highlights an area in order to draw attention to it. This is great when you want to showcase either artwork or an area of the home as a focal point. Examples of accent lighting are recessed lights, track lighting, and wall mounted lights. Costco has a few various options for these as well!

Koda Task Lighting

Koda Task Lighting

The third type of lighting that a designer uses to balance a room is Task Lighting. You use task lighting for a particular task like reading or preparing food. This is the most functional type of lighting. Examples of task lighting are utility lights, pendants, lamps, and vanity lights. If this is the type of light you’re looking for, check out Costco’s shop light as a great utility light option!

Giving your space a finished look is possible and affordable! Take a walk down the lighting aisle at Costco and find what will work best for your home and workspace. Don’t forget to read our Tips on How to Best Buy Lighting at Costco too. Finding the right type of light for your space will complete the look you’ve been wanting AND help you start the year off right!

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