Costco August 2019 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco August 2019 Hot Buys Coupons

It’s been a long while but Costco is back this month with the August 2019 Hot Buys Coupons. These coupons fill the gap between the Costco July 2019 Coupon Book and the Costco August 2019 Coupon Book. The dates for these coupons run from July 29th through August 6th, with the regular August 2019 Coupon Book starting on August 7th. Some of the deals in the Hot Buys coupons last longer than August 6th however, so pay attention to the ending date if there’s a sale you like. There are many more deals than the last Hot Buys coupons, with 27 sales in total. Of those 27 we count 6 of them as being Kirkland Signature products.

The Costco August 2019 Hot Buys coupons don’t have anything that is a must have for us. We are excited that the organic blueberries now have a lower everyday price, which was already much cheaper than the supermarket grocery store. If you haven’t tried the Kirkland Signature quinoa salad it’s very good. We love grilling a piece of bbq chicken and having it on the quinoa salad. If you’ve been tempted to pickup the Kirkland Signature Shampoo now would be a good time at $3 off.

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