Costco November 2021 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco November 2021 Hot Buys Cover

As if we didn’t have enough deals already we’ve now been blessed with the Costco November 2021 Hot Buys Coupons! Being in the middle of the November 2021 Coupon Book and the Black Friday 2021 Ad, it’s a little odd as far as timing is concerned. Perhaps Costco is looking to pique your interest to get you to come back in during the middle of the coupon book. The November 2021 Hot Buys Coupons will run from November 13th through November 21st.

There’s some interesting deals in the Costco November 2021 Hot Buys Coupons. We enjoy the Cello Cracker Cut Cheese Tray quite a bit, and will definitely pick it up at $2.50 off. It will make a great appetizer for Thanksgiving dinner. Another great deal is the FEIT LED Round Flat Panel Downlight that is almost 50% off at $7.99 after coupon. We recently published some tips on how to best buy lighting at Costco and this downlight is a great example of a solid buy.

Any November 2021 Hot Buys that are going to get you in the store over the next week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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