Costco Coupons October 2015

October 2015 Costco Coupon Book Cover

We’ve once again been able to secure a really early preview of the upcoming October 2015 Costco Coupon Book! The coupons start on October 1st and run through the 25th. Clicking the link above will bring you to the pages so you can view or print the coupons. Also, you can see the upcoming November 2015 Costco coupon book if you’d like, which starts October 29th. This early preview will allow you to plan your upcoming shopping trips so you can hold off on buying certain items that will be on sale in October. If you want to be the first one to find out when we post the latest coupon book please subscribe to our email listlike us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!

For all the upcoming holidays and parties you’d think the October coupon book would be a little more exciting, but for us, it’s not. We own the heated plush throw and it works great on cold nights to warm up the sheets and avoid using the heater. We also have a Little Giant ladder and love that as well. The rechargable Eneloop batteries are the best money can buy, and a good price at Costco. Lastly, we have a Braun Series 7 shaver and highly recommend it if you’re in the market. The tire coupon is Michelin for the second month now.

What items in this months Costco coupon book stand out to you as must buys? Read more to see the coupon book pages below. A download link will be poster later.

October 2015 Page 1


October 2015 Page 2


October 2015 Page 3


October 2015 Page 4


October 2015 Page 5


October 2015 Page 6


October 2015 Page 7


October 2015 Page 8


October 2015 Page 9


October 2015 Page 10


October 2015 Page 11


October 2015 Page 12


October 2015 Page 13


October 2015 Page 14


October 2015 Page 15


October 2015 Page 16


October 2015 Page 17


October 2015 Page 19

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5 Responses to “Costco Coupons October 2015”

  1. Venkatesh Ramasamy says:

    Just Vita Coconut Water.

  2. Lawrence Tines says:


  3. Kristin says:

    There was an office chair $30 off coupon that ended August 30th. I went to Costco August 31. I should have asked then if I could still use the coupon. I was hoping it would be in the Oct. book but I don’t see it. Do you think they would still honor it?

  4. LA says:

    the Kirkland Laundry Pacs as good or better than the Tide Laundry Pacs?

    • Sam_K says:

      I know I’m responding to an old question. Consumer Reports gave the Tide Pods Plus Febreze a score of 73, the regular Tide Pods a score of 68 and the Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Pacs a score of 65.

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