Costco August 2018 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco Hot Buys August 2018 Featured Image

The August 2018 Costco Hot Buys Coupons are here! These limited time coupons run between the July 2018 Costco Coupon Book and the August 2018 Costco Coupon Book. Most deals will only run for 1.5 weeks between the dates of the two coupon books, which is July 30th through August 8th (as the August 2018 Coupon Book starts August 9th). There are three deals that extend until August 26th. We are down from 20 deals in the last Hot Buys to now only 14. This trend has been ongoing for months and is slightly concerning. Only 1 deal this month is Kirkland Signature.

We are quite underwhelmed with the August Hot Buys coupons. Nothing piques our interest or entices us to go into the store. Hopefully something is useful for you. It makes us wonder what kind of success Costco is having with the hot buys coupons and how much longer they’ll continue them.

If you didn’t get the email about this already then make sure to sign up for our email list so you don’t miss a deal! As a reminder, prices may vary slightly from store to store.

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