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Orb Sleep in Cart

Costco just started carrying the relatively new Orb Sleep Complex Vitamins both in-store and online. They’ve been available in GNC and Vitamin Shoppe since last year and when you compare the prices you really see how great of a deal you’re getting. At GNC you get 60 capsules for $39.99, while at Costco they’re selling a twin-pack (120 capsules) for $29.99. Product is currently available at California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado Costco locations. Each serving of 2 capsules is 3mg of melatonin and the best part is that there’s no melatonin hangover in the morning!

What makes Orb Sleep Complex different from your usual sleep pill is the technology used to make these better. The issue a lot of people experience when taking the standard sleep aids is that they wake up feeling very groggy in the morning. Orb is able to get rid of that issue by time-releasing B12 roughly 8 hours after going to sleep, so you wake up feeling energized and refreshed. They are also able to deliver nutrients in the form they’re absorbed by the body best by delivering some via oil (such as essential oils) and others via beadlet. Another thing we find quite interesting is that they also include some essential oils in them, which is pretty unique. Considering how important sleep is to our health we should definitely be taking advantage of all the medical advances we can.

Orb Sleep on the shelf

Orb Sleep on the shelf

We had a few people test these to make sure we were able to provide a thorough review of them for you. Overall, we were very pleased with the product. There were three main benefits we noticed. First of all, we noticed we got much more REM sleep. That’s the dream state of sleeping where our brains remove neurotoxins, and is very important for our health. The more REM we get, the more refreshed we will feel in the morning. The second benefit we noticed is that we fell back to sleep faster when woken up in the middle of the night. This is very important for those that always wake up/get up in the middle of the night, because otherwise you end up laying in bed for hours trying to fall back asleep. People who have infants and toddlers would find this very helpful, as well as those that usually have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. The last benefit we want to mention we noticed is that it helped us plan our sleep better. You are supposed to take the pill 30-60 minutes before going to bed. Considering the calming and relaxing effects of the vitamin, you will start to feel sleepy when the time comes around for your scheduled sleep time. For us it helped prevent staying up and reading our phones or watching TV for hours past when we wanted to go to bed. This was an interesting effect we didn’t expect to encounter, but a welcome surprise.

The worst case scenario is that the Orb Sleep Complex might not make a difference for you. We believe everyone reacts to Melatonin a little differently. Us and our testers happened to have a positive experience, and after reading online reviews we think most users also have positive experiences. But, there are some reviews out there that said they noticed no difference. One of our reviewers felt too groggy taking two capsules at night, and scaled back the dosage to one capsule, which worked great for him. That is why we say each person is a little different. The great thing is, by buying them at Costco you’re getting a lifetime warranty! If they don’t work for you it is very easy to return them to your local store. If you’ve ever wanted to try sleeping aids but were weary of the side effects (grogginess) here’s your chance to give them a try.

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