Dawn Antibacterial Hand Soap (Apple Blossom) Review

Dawn Antibacterial Hand and Dish Soap 2021

When reviewing Costco products it’s also good to occasionally take a look at those household staples that you buy without thinking about. Turns out they are constantly improving them in many ways. Today we took a look at Dawn Antibacterial Hand Soap for a product review. Thanks to Dawn for providing a container of their soap for us to review.

First of all, it took us a bit to wrap our heads around what this is, as we’re so used to seeing Dawn in blue as a dishwashing soap. The great thing is it’s not only a dishwashing liquid but also a hand soap. This 2-in-1 soap is great around the kitchen sink. If you think about it, you no longer need 2 soap dispensers. Our kitchen sink came with a built-in soap dispenser and we absolutely love that we can fill it up with the new Dawn Antibacterial Hand Soap and use it for both washing dishes and washing our hands!

Difference in Dawn Antibacterial Hand Soap

  • Doubles as both hand soap and dish soap
  • Antibacterial properties when used on hands
  • Scented with Apple Blossom
Dawn Ultra Antibacterial on Shelf

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial on Shelf

Actual Product Review and Comparison

When we compared Dawn to the lesser known dishwashing soap we were using before we were blown away by the results and can now clearly see why Dawn is the #1 selling dish soap in the world. The Dawn is a lot sudsier than our comparison soap. Also, it lasted much longer in the sponge, meaning we will go through it much slower than the soap we were using before, ultimately saving even more money. It smells better, both when washing dishes and washing your hands, which gave the feeling of being even cleaner after using it. It’s great that you can now have one product which covers two functions in the kitchen, meaning you have to store less stuff in the house and on the counter.

Features Noted by the Manufacturer

  • Washes away bacteria and fights germs on hands when used as a hand soap
  • 50% Less Scrubbing* *Versus Dawn Non-Concentrated

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