Costco Black Friday 2012 TV Deals

Black Friday TV Deals

I mentioned last week that Costco was having special TV deals for Black Friday that were going to be a surprise. For my faithful readers I was able to procure the list of pricing for these deals, and even better, they started today. That means you don’t need to wake up early Friday to get your discounted TV. The prices aren’t earthshattering, but you do get Costco Tech Support (via phone), and can purchase a SquareTrade warranty with it if you’d like. When possible I have linked to the page for the TV so you can see the description and specs on them. I wouldn’t buy online if you can avoid it, since you will have to pay an extra $80 or so for Shipping and Handling. I have also posted the whole Black Friday ad and the November coupon book if you’d like to see those.


Item#DescriptionSizeSell PriceBF $ OffNet SellStartEnd
922350Samsung T22B350ND22″$179.99$20.00$159.9911/1811/26
924350Samsung T24B350ND24″$219.99$40.00$179.9911/1811/26
732321Westinghouse UW32SC1W32″$229.99$30.00$199.9911/2311/25
932450Samsung UN32EH405032″$369.99$120.00$249.9911/1811/26
774050Samsung UN40EH505040″$659.99$240.00$419.9911/1811/26
950054Panasonic TC-50PU5450″$699.99$150.00$549.9911/1811/26
946150Samsung UN46ES615046″$1,069.99$300.00$769.9911/1811/26
955054Panasonic TC-55LE5455″$1,299.99$450.00$849.9911/1811/26
955650Samsung UN55EH605055″$1,369.99$490.00$879.9911/1811/26
950150Samsung UN50ES615050″$1,349.99$400.00$949.9911/1811/26
960060Vizio E600iA360″$979.99$979.99
655615Samsung UN55ES615055″$1,849.99$800.00$1,049.9911/1811/26
960650Samsung UN60EH605060″$1,849.99$800.00$1,049.9911/1811/26
860640Sharp LC60C6400U60″$1,489.99$300.00$1,189.9911/1811/26
684362Samsung UN65EH605065″$2,399.99$900.00$1,499.9911/1811/26
755150Samsung UN55ES715055″$2,549.99$1,000.00$1,549.9911/1111/26
760150Samsung UN60ES715060″$3,149.99$1,200.00$1,949.9911/1811/26
770640Sharp LC70C6400U70″$2,479.99$500.00$1,979.9911/1811/26
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4 Responses to “Costco Black Friday 2012 TV Deals”

  1. At Costco, you have to pay tax on the Original Amount… For Example if you buy the UN55ES7150 you pay sales tax on 2544.99 then the “Rebate” of 1000 is applied. I just left the store without one because of this.

  2. The Samsung UN55ES7150 has been at this “sale” price for a couple weeks! This can’t be the black friday prices!!!

  3. […] at the membership desk. These coupons also overlap with a lot of other Costco deals, such as the Black Friday TV deals, some of the Black Friday unadvertised deals, Cyber Monday deals, and more. If you’d like to […]

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