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Costco Black Friday 2012 TV Deals

Black Friday TV Deals

I mentioned last week that Costco was having special TV deals for Black Friday that were going to be a surprise. For my faithful readers I was able to procure the list of pricing for these deals, and even better, they started today. That means you don’t need to wake up early Friday to get […]

Costco Coupons August 2012 (8/16/2012 – 9/9/2012)

August 2012 Costco Coupon Book Cover

I have just uploaded the August 2012 Costco coupon book so you can see it or download it online. Clicking the link will open the coupons in a new window. The coupons run from August 16th to September 9th, which starts 11 days after the July coupon book. People seem to be excited about the […]

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