Costco Black Friday 2011 Ads

Costco Black Friday 2011ad-cover

Fresh off the presses is Costco’s 2011 Black Friday ad. Clicking that link will allow you to view it or download it. Many of us Costco faithfuls like to do as much of our shopping as possible at Costco and considering Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, we need to know what deals, if any, are to be had. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any loss leaders for Costco in this coupon book, nor much to be excited about. Most of the items are of the Christmas gift variety. The ad does seem to focus on electronics, with good prices on the espresso machine and the Nikon point and shoot camera (80% off). I do not feel the urge to fight the lines on Black Friday to get anything here. The good news is also that the ad runs throughout the weekend (til the 27th), so you can miss the Black Friday morning rush. The store will open an hour early, at 9am over the three day weekend. And if you’re lucky, Costco will be passing out some holiday cookbooks as well. The regular November coupon book will also be valid at the same time, so if you haven’t seen that check it out. Anything you see in here that is a must have for you? Or perhaps looks like a good deal to you?

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