Meat Calzone Review

One week ago to this day, one of my local Costcos started carrying meat calzone, made fresh in the deli. The first two days they quickly sold out of it, making more each day. It had been at least four years since they last carried the product. I don’t remember trying it before, so I had to give it a try. Inside I found cheese, pork and beef, among other things. It also came with marinara dipping sauce.

Meat Calzone Label

Meat Calzone Label

My spouse and I both enjoyed the calzone. It wasn’t the best thing we had ever eaten, and we won’t buy it every time we go to Costco, but it is something we’ll buy once in a while. We thought the dough was excellent, especially with the herbs on top. The marinara dipping sauce definitely added to it as well. The ground meat was a little boring. At $6.99 for two calzones it’s a pretty reasonable price for a dinner for two. Have you tried it? What’d you think?

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13 Responses to “Meat Calzone Review”

  1. Erin Goggins says:

    I just wanted to find out the calorie count for one serving of this calzone. I have looked everywhere and cannot find it.
    Thank you!

  2. Erik Lillestol says:

    We tried these this week. Thought they were quite good and a great value at 6.99

  3. Samo says:

    Quite Tasty and Filling too

  4. Miriam says:

    Delicious calzones. I crave these all the time since they started carrying them. I just wish they had them in the food court!

  5. Jeff says:

    I love these things. Does anyone have the recipe for the dipping sauce?

  6. Xray_sheri says:

    Love them. My husband and I have given up pizza since starting dieting. these are great because you can’t overeat them. Buy, two, take two home, done. I just wish they would put nutrition labels on their foods.

  7. Ed says:

    I love them. Actually, they have become my favorite meal. I was averaging at least one calzone per day, I believe.

    However, Costco has stopped carrying them. 🙁

    Are they available anywhere else? Is Kirkland solely a Costco subsidiary?

  8. Vicki Haase Marney says:

    Definitely not for both! I have found everything from the 459 posted here up to 660 and one was 350 for 1/6 of a tray (which would be 1/3 of one calzone, making one 1050–so, I’m guessing that somewhere around 500 cal, give or take…just wish Costco had a place where you could look up nutrition counts for all of their deli items…

  9. Paul Robilotti says:

    I think the guy/woman who made these at our club died and no one else
    knows how to do them. We have not had these in over a year at the
    Marlboro NJ Costco

  10. megan says:

    i was wondering if anybody knows if the costcos in san jose,ca carry this calzone we have two costco in san jose and one in fremont in northern california

    • Jim says:

      Danville and Livermore 30 mins up the freeway carry the calzone so your location must. They are a good meal so give them a try.

  11. Paul says:

    I think the guy who would make these at my Costco in Marlboro NJ must have died, and no one else there knows how to make them. Have not had them in over a year. They were good

  12. Phil Hartley says:

    Tastes great!

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