Maximus Smart Security Light Review

Maximus Smart Security Light

We had been eyeing the Maximus Smart Security Light in store for a while before we finally pulled the trigger, and we have to tell you, we were blown away. We’d definitely give it 5 out of 5 stars. After having it installed for a month now we figured it was time to share with you a review of it. Also, it’s on sale right now for $40 off, making it $99.99 instead of the regular $139.99 through 9/2/18. It is the same price both online and in-store.

There are lots of security cameras on the market but most require another piece of equipment or a monthly subscription to store your video in the cloud. The Maximus Smart Security Light gives you free 2 hour cloud storage for life. It also requires no other pieces to function (besides a wi-fi connection). Most security cameras are also standalone products that are a little bit of an eyesore, whereas this camera is built into a light. If you think about it, $99 for both a new modern LED light and a security camera system for life is an amazing value!

Maximus Smart Security Light

You can see how well the camera blends in with the surroundings

The Maximus Smart Security Light from Costco also comes with a mobile app that is the brains behind it. This allows you to set a schedule for when the light should turn on and off, such as from dusk to dawn or any time you choose. It also sends you alerts every time it detects someone. The alerts are instant, which gives you the ability to talk to your visitor if you’d like. You could play a recorded sound of your choosing (Get off my lawn!) or speak through your microphone and tell the delivery man he can leave the package on your porch. You can connect multiple phones to this too, which my spouse and I both like.

The install of the Maximus Smart Security Light was very easy. It probably took us about 20 minutes. Wiring was not complicated at all. After putting it up we downloaded the app, connected to the light via bluetooth, and setup the light/camera to connect to our wi-fi. Costco only sells one style of the Maximus Smart Security Light, which they call Coach. Maximus makes other styles of lights but you’re going to pay a lot more ($160 at Home Depot). You can also get a matching light without camera for $59.99. The app will let you control the on and off time of the companion light in unison with your camera light. We could go on and on with more features of this light but we feel we’ve pointed out our favorite things about the Maximus Smart Security Light. Remember, it will only be on sale through September 2nd, so don’t miss out!

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