Costco May 2021 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco May 2021 Hot Buys Coupons Cover

The Costco May 2021 Hot Buys Coupons have just been posted and the savings begin tomorrow! They will be valid from May 8th through May 16th. The Hot Buys coupons fill the gap between monthly coupons books and this one fills the gap between the April 2021 Costco Coupon Book, which ends May 9th and the May 2021 Costco Coupon Book, which starts May 19th. This month there are 6 Kirkland Signature items, as well as a few other bakery/deli items. If you want to be notified as soon as we release the May 2021 Costco coupon book make sure to sign up for our email list, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Instagram.

In total, there are 35 in-store items in the May 2021 Hot Buys coupons. We’re very fond of the Dawn Apple Blossom Antibacterial Soap and will definitely be stocking up. If you’re not familiar with it, you can use it both for washing dishes and washing hands, which makes it extremely versatile and easy to use around the kitchen sink. Read our full Dawn Antibacterial Soap review to get more info on this great product! We’ll likely also stock up on Organic Blueberries, as they are quite popular with our two kids. Lastly, the kids are also fans of the Veggie Straws, so at $2 off we should probably stock up on these as well!

So, which of the May 2021 Costco Hot Buys coupons stand out to you? Anything you’re going to make sure to pick up over the next week as you patiently wait for the next coupon book to start??

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