Costco Coupons July 2011 (7/14/11 to 8/7/11)

July 2011 Costco coupon book cover

The July Costco coupon book is out and available for viewing in my Google Docs. It is valid from July 14th to August 7th. The feedback I’ve seen says that this is unfortunately not a very good coupon book. People are starting to think that Costco is no longer selling products at loss to get customers in the door, instead focusing on higher margin items. Regardless, I will continue to shop at Costco and enjoy the many products they sell. Unfortunately for me, none of those items are coming up on sale. Online forums have had quite a bit of chatter about the Oral-B brushes and the popcorn chicken. I was also surprised by the tire coupon this month. It is for Bridgestone, at the standard $70 off, but also includes $30 off the installation fee. I don’t remember seeing that before.

Remember, at most locations you can grab a book at your membership counter if you never got it mailed to you and at some locations the   cashier will have the coupon there and automatically scan it for you. I  heard they are getting more strict on this though. Perhaps to encourage  the new coupon email signup program. Hope you enjoy the book.

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  1. sharon solari says:

    I am uable to locate your advertised assorted indoor/outdoor rugs in your online catalogue. Where can they be found and how?

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