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Video reveals horrible treatment of veal calves at Costco supplier

Costco Veal

Costco Wholesale Corporation is actually a pretty stand-up company.  One of their policies is that all suppliers must humanely treat animals.  Mercy for Animals just released a video showing horrible treatment of veal calves at one of the farms that Costco’s suppliers use.  Once Costco found out about this and saw the video they immediately released a […]

Does Costco have the right to check your receipt?

There was an interesting story this past week about a guy being illegally detained by Costco employees.  He felt he didn’t need to show the receipt checker his receipt when walking out and tried to walk out right past them.  At that point he was stopped by 3 employees, one being the store manager.  They […]

New Costcos opening and coming soon

Guilford Costco rendering

Costco at Rego Park in Queens, NY just opened last week.  More here. Costco is filing zoning change papers to build in Guilford, CT.  More here. Costco is likely coming to Woodland Hills, CA.  More here.

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