Costco May 2023 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco May 2023 Hot Buys Cover

The upcoming Costco May 2023 Hot Buys Coupons start tomorrow! They will run from May 6th through May 14th. As usual, the May Hot Buys coupons will fill the gap between the April 2023 Coupon Book (which ends May 7th) and the May and June 2023 Coupon Book (which starts May 17th). If you’d like to see a preview of the items on sale in the upcoming May and June 2023 Coupon Book make sure to check out our Upcoming Costco Coupon Books page too!

There’s a good variety of deals in the May 2023 Hot Buys Coupons. We’re personally excited about the Filet Mignon being on sale for $15.99/lb. We almost bought some last week for a lot more money. We noticed the Lemon Perfect Hydrating Lemon Water just showed up at our warehouse, so it would be a good time to try it on sale at $5 off. We love Aidell’s sausage and pineapple and bacon are great flavors, so we will be very tempted to buy some at $4.30 off!

What are you buying in this months hot buys? Leave a comment and let us know!

  • Conventional Blueberries $4.99 per package
  • Enchilada Bake with Rotisserie Chicken $3 off per package
  • Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Beef Loin Tenderloin Steak – Filet Mignon $15.99 per LB
  • Mateo’s Medium Salsa $1.80 off
  • Queso Mama White Queso with Diced Green Chiles $2.50 off
  • Island Way Assorted Fruit Sorbet $4 off
  • Lemon Perfect Hydrating Lemon Water Variety Pack $4 off
  • Aidell’s Pineapple Bacon Chicken Sausage $4.30 off
  • and more…
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