Costco Coupons March 2014 (3/6/2014 – 3/30/2014)

March 2014 Costco Coupon Book Cover

Here is the upcoming March 2014 Costco Coupon Book. The link above will allow you to view it, download it, or print it if you’d like. The February 2014 Costco Coupon Book ended on the 23rd, and these coupons start on March 6th, so there is a week and a half between coupon books. The trend has been that each coupon book there are less and less items that have the blue arrow showing they require the coupon book or app to get the discount, as they are not instant savings, and this one is no different. This time only 7 items in the book require it or the app. Also, as a reminder, the Proctor & Gamble special deal where you spend $100 on P&G products and get a $20 $33 Costco cash card is still running through the end of March.  Yes, looks like they upped the rebate to $33 back. It does seem like a lot of work to get your money back though. All of the P&G items in the coupon book once again have the P&G logo.

Overall, I’d call this an average coupon book. There’s not that many great deals, nor much to get excited about. I’ve seen the public be interested in the Honey Bunch cereal, the 409 (which is never on sale), and the Keurig. Also, the Hansgrohe faucet is a great deal at $60 off ($199.99 AC). It is of very high quality – much better than a Delta you’d find at Home Depot or Lowe’s. The wiper blades are a great deal as well, if you’re in the market. A lot of people stock up on diapers when they’re on sale, since it’s not that often that they are. I would also personally recommend the Braun Series 7 Shaver, it is the best shaver I have ever used, and at $35 off it is a great deal. As for myself, I will likely only pick up the Chobani Greek Yogurt, and maybe the IZZE sparkling juice. I need gallon Ziploc bags, but not quart size, so I’ll probably pass on the variety pack. Just as I predicted, the tire coupon is back to Bridgestone, and will probably stay that way through April.

If you’re looking to get one the 7 items that require the book or app, and don’t get the coupon book mailed to you regularly, I’d recommend downloading the Costco app. Otherwise, the Membership Department may or may not have some coupon books available to grab in store. Anything in the upcoming coupon book you’re excited about? Is there anything you wish would be in a coupon book?

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