Costco Coupons July 2013 (7/11/13 – 8/4/13)

July 2013 Costco coupon book cover

Starting today is the new July 2013 Costco coupon book. Clicking the link will allow you to view or download the coupons, which run from July 11th until August 4th. The June 2013 coupon book just ended on Sunday and these coupons began 4 days later. There are also roughly three pages of coupons requiring barcodes. If you’d like to be notified as soon as deals come up, make sure to subscribe to our email list, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!

There are a couple of items that stick out. For one, the Folgers instant coffee is only on sale about once a year, so if this is an item you’ve been waiting for to go on sale, here’s your chance. Another item is the Ion Block Rocker, which was last on sale a year ago. I missed that deal and won’t make that mistake again. This Block Rocker is an updated model that includes Bluetooth capability. There are also lots of cleaning products, between the laundry detergents, dishwashing soap, and more. The tire coupon has rotated back to Bridgestone. It seems like Costco is now rotating every two months.

Remember, at most locations you can grab a book at your membership counter if you never got it mailed to you and at some locations the cashier will have the coupon there and automatically scan it for you. I  heard they are getting more strict on this though. Perhaps to encourage the new coupon email signup program. These coupons will not work in store, as you need the barcode. You can also now download the Costco app and show the cashier your coupons from the app! Have you tried any of the items in this coupon book? What did you think?


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