3 Sprouts Storage Boxes Available Nationwide!

3 Sprouts at Costco

Affordable storage that actually works the way you want it is hard to find. That’s why we were thrilled when 3 Sprouts reached out to us to do a review on their storage boxes. This is an easy product to get excited about!

3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern products. They worked in design for high profile companies such as Kate Spade and Barney’s New York.

This work experience inspired them to create a collection for the home that appealed to both parents and children. 3 Sprouts products are simple in color and design, enhancing the home and not overwhelming it.

3 Sprouts sells various products for many different aspects of life with kids. From the playroom to zero waste lunch products, to nursery and bath decor, they’ve got you covered!

3 Sprouts Sloth Box

3 Sprouts Sloth Box

When they asked us to review their storage boxes, we were excited! Their storage boxes are the perfect organizational tool for any room in your home. The sides of their boxes are reinforced with cardboard, helping the box to stand at attention continuously. The cardboard reinforcements also make this product feel sturdy and high quality- standing far above so many other storage boxes on the market.

We were even more excited to hear that these 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes are at Costco stores nationwide, in 2-packs! There are three different sets of 2-packs you can buy; and they’re all adorable! They come in the following combinations: Llama/Sheep, Lion/Elephant, and Panda/Sloth.

The 2-packs you can find at Costco are $17.99 each. This is an incredible deal, because each box on its own is usually $16.99! That’s a savings of almost $16!

And in case that wasn’t enough goodness, these 13”x13”x13” storage boxes fit perfectly inside IKEA’s Kallax shelving unit AND Target’s Threshold shelving series. This means that enhancing your storage at home can be easy and less expensive.

3 Sprouts Elephant and Lion

3 Sprouts Elephant and Lion

Parents of young children know that between dolls and their accessories, trains, blocks, play food, or countless other toys, there are always parts and pieces all over the place. We love having bins on hand that we can quickly put our kids’ toys in.

3 Sprouts Llama

3 Sprouts Llama

Whether it’s last minute company or just needing the house to be clean for a few minutes, we like having storage and organization that’s easy and cute! There’s no better combination, and 3 Sprouts makes it possible!

We love these 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes 2-packs. They help keep us sane with organized spaces, teach our kids to clean up and be able to find their toys when they need them, and they make our playrooms and spaces around the home absolutely adorable. Pick up a pack or two (or three!) at your local Costco today!

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