Woman immediately returns dog food to Costco after finding dog dead in car from heat

In Frederick, MD, a woman went into Costco to buy some food, bedding, and treats for her dog.  Meanwhile she allegedly left her dog in her car, where it likely reached 130 degrees internally (104 degrees outside).  According to the Washington Post, “She intended to just be 15 minutes or so.”  Apparently she hasn’t been shopping at Costco in a while, because there’s NO WAY she could get in and out of a Costco in 15 minutes.  My shortest trip to Costco ever was probably half an hour.

It then gets worse. Upon returning to her car, she finds the dog dead and then immediately goes back in and returns the items she just bought.  I’m all for using the return policy, but shouldn’t she have been just a little emotionally distressed at that moment?  Thankfully one of the Costco employees called the Animal Control.  Good work, Costco.

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