New Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum

One of the most versatile cleaning tools is on the market at Costco today! When Greenworks reached out to us for a review on their 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum, we were all about it. Not only do we love this company and all the amazing products on the market, but we also love what they stand for. So we gave this Stick Vac a thorough try- and we even let our kids test it out!

The Greenworks 24V Brushless Cordless Stick Vacuum gives you all the powerful suction you need to get the job done, but without a cord getting in the way. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to store. We absolutely love that it doesn’t take up much space!

Their efficient brushless motor gives you more power, quiet operation, and longer motor life. There are also three power modes, helping you to control how much battery you will use based on the job at hand.

There is even an LED touch display screen, which helps viewing the power mode, error messages, and run times easy and convenient. It’s really helpful to know how much time you have left on the battery while vacuuming instead of being surprised by a dead battery and an unfinished job. We love this feature.

Greenworks Stick Vacuum Box

Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum

Here are the powerful features of the 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum:

  • Intelligent Power with TRUBRUSHLESS™ motor, with 3 power modes boasting up to 170 air watts of suction power
  • Up to 90 minutes Run Time and only a 30 minute recharge time
  • Easily view run time, power mode, and error messages on one digital display touch screen
  • Motorized Brush heads provide superior deep cleaning and pet hair removal
  • 5 front-mounted LED lights on Motorized Brush heads allow you to see dirt on surfaces
  • 24V batteries are equipped with 2 USB-C charging ports
  • 96Wh Performance Power Bank- each 24V battery is equipped with two USB-C Charging ports
  • Washable and reusable HEPA filter
  • 4 Year Limited Tool & Battery Warranty
  • Qualify for an additional 4 year warranty with registration
  • Includes (2) 24V Batteries that can be used as a portable power bank- you can charge a phone 5 times and a tablet 3 times!
Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum Accessories

Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum Accessories

Each 24V Cordless Stick Vac from Costco Includes:

  • (1) 24V White Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • (1) Deep Cleaning Motorized Brush
  • (1) Motorized Fur Brush
  • (1) 2-in-1 Dusting Brush
  • (1) Soft Bristle Fur Brush
  • (1) Crevice Tool
  • (1) Accessory Clip
  • (3) Certified HEPA 13 Air Filter
  • (2) 4.0 Ah USB-C Battery
  • (1) Wall Mounted Charging Station
  • (1) White Charging Stand
  • (1) Owner’s Manual

Benefits of Buying from Costco:

  • Costco Exclusive: an additional 4 year extended warranty with registration at, which is a total of 8 YEARS of guaranteed batteries!
  • 2 additional HEPA Filters, for a total of 3 included
  • Charging Stand included
Kid Holding Stick Vac

Kids Love Using the Stick Vac

Our biggest takeaways from using this Greenworks 24V Cordless Stick Vac:

  • We love that the charger shows how many minutes are remaining for a full charge
  • It’s great knowing how many minutes are left on the battery as you are vacuuming
  • It’s small enough that the kids can use it, which is great because they love going around vacuuming any dirt they can find!
  • You can also use it in the car and on car seats, which we frequently do


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