Gourmet Costco Sandwich

Thanks to Costco Cuisine for their recent recommendation! One of the reasons we love Costco is for their food — it’s not just gallon tubs of mayo. This weekend, my spouse and I enjoyed some pretty gourmet sandwiches that used ingredients from our favorite warehouse store.

  • Bread: Panné Provincio all natural roasted garlic loaf, sliced and lightly toasted
  • Meat: Columbus herb turkey breast
  • Cheese: Gouda wedge (unknown brand) for my spouse and Tillamok medium sharp cheddar for me
  • Toppings: Organic baby spinach and avocado, both from the Costco produce section.

Just recently we started buying this bread, and we love it. It’s usually still warm on the shelf and very fresh. And surprisingly a household of two can finish it before it goes stale. What are your favorite sandwich ingredients from Costco?

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2 Responses to “Gourmet Costco Sandwich”

  1. Nicolas says:

    Why doesn’t Costco use some of these goodies to make decent meals at Costco food courts? Instead we get low-rent garbage like Sam’s Club.

  2. JParkerKC says:

    Our warehouse in Kansas has Turano Italian herb flats, YUM
    Now if they could just keep the Turano French rolls in stock as well.
    I love the columbus turkey as well.
    The spanish roasted red peppers in a jar they had this spring are also great gourmet sandwich filler.

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