Costco Coupons June 2012 (6/14/2012 – 7/8/2012)

June 2012 Costco Coupon Book Cover

Hot off the presses is the new June 2012 Costco coupon book. It is valid from June 14th to July 8th. That link will allow you to view it in Google Docs, where you can also download the original. Unlike the May coupon book, this one had a week and a half between books, which tends to be the more normal timeline.  The first thing I noticed in this book is that most of the coupons are instant (in red), which means you don’t actually need the book to get the discount. Coupons are probably a big hassle for Costco, with them having to collect them, send them into the manufacturers, etc. If they could eliminate that by getting the manufacturers to agree to do instant discounts that would save them a lot of time and money. People seem to be excited about the Pita Chip coupon, the Red Bull, and the motor oil. I am likely not to pick up anything in the June coupons. The tire coupon is Michelin for the second month.

Remember, at most locations you can grab a book at your membership counter if you never got it mailed to you and at some locations the cashier will have the coupon there and automatically scan it for you. I  heard they are getting more strict on this though. Perhaps to encourage the new coupon email signup program. These coupons will not work in store, as you need the barcode. Have you tried any of the items in this coupon book? What did you think?

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