Costco Coupon Book 11/11 to 11/28/10 (November 2010)

November 2010 Costco coupon book

The new November coupon book is valid starting Thursday (11/11) and will be good through 11/28.  I have uploaded the 2010 November Costco Coupon Book if you haven’t seen it yet.  Remember, you can always grab one at your membership counter if you never got it mailed to you and at most locations the cashier will have the coupon there and automatically scan it for you.

The first thing I noticed was the deal on the Nutella.  If you haven’t heard of the blog Costco Cuisine you should check it out, he is a big Nutella fan and has some great recipes that use it.  Mashed potatoes are also on sale, just in time for Thanksgiving, but keep in mind that Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Also, expect a special Black Friday Costco coupon book that should be valid for Nov. 26-28

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