Costco April 2022 Hot Buys Coupons

Costco April 2022 Hot Buys

The Costco April 2022 Hot Buys Coupons have been released! As usual, the hot buys cover the gap between the March 2022 Coupon Book and the April 2022 Coupon Book. The coupons start April 2nd and go through April 10th, which is a few days before the April Coupon Book starts.

We love that Costco added the Hot Buys coupons. There’s always a good variety of deals, and it typically includes bakery and deli items that wouldn’t typically show up in the monthly coupon books. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the Sconza Lemoncello Almonds, which are $6.99 after $3 off. We love the Edward Marc Dark Chocolate Snappers. We can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we last reviewed them, but we still remember the high quality caramel and the great combo of sweet and savory. At $9.49 after $3.50 off, don’t miss out! We also just bought the Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake from the Costco bakery and everyone was very impressed. At $13.99 after $2 off, we’d happily buy it again.

So, we have to ask, which hot buys coupons interest you this month? Leave a comment and let us know!

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