Turkey Wraps Leaving Food Court

To make room for the new Carne Asada bake, the Costco Food Court is taking out the turkey wrap.  I’ve never tried one myself, but the reviews I have read online were not too positive.  People claimed there was too much cheese, not enough sauce, and above all, it was pretty costly compared to other options.  Did you ever try one?  What did you think?  One Kirkland Signature item I’d like to see in the food court is their spinach salad. It is amazing!

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3 Responses to “Turkey Wraps Leaving Food Court”

  1. […] think they will be taking out any desserts to make room for the gelato, but they will be taking out the turkey wrap to make room for the carne asada bake.  If you haven’t read my review of the carne asada […]

  2. Pam says:

    the Turkey wraps were awesome and I wish costco would bring them back. I am not impressed with the Carne Asadas.

  3. Mrs. JR Fung says:

    I really liked this Turkey Wrap. We dieters enjoyed it. Sorry to see it gone. Did like the salad with chicken but too much lettuce leftover.
    Would really like a wrap with Turkey or Chicken Avocado& swiss cheese &or more veggies. Thanks.

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