Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich

Hot Turkey Sandwich

The new Costco food court item you’ve all been waiting for is here! The hot turkey sandwich has arrived in all its glory. It’s served on a ciabatta roll and comes with deli turkey, provolone, red onion, tomato, and pesto. It is baked in the oven and serverd hot. I believe it is replacing the short-lived carne asada bake. The price is $3.99. I will add more details such as locations and calories as I get them. Also coming will be my review tomorrow. I have heard nothing but very positive reviews so far. Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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  • Would like to see calories and fat on that one. Cheese, pesto and chiabatta roll adds up. I am going to estimate 15-20 grams of fat (25-40% daily allowance) and 600 calories.

    • Infrequent guest

      Tried it twice now, once at one location and once at another. Second one was fresher, so a bit better. It’s OK. Nothing to go out of your way for. Good proportional balance of cheese, meat, bread and toppings. I bit pricey compared to other items, but a huge improvement over that nasty Carne Asada bake which was awful. Might be a little garlicky for some tastes.

  • Audrey_lee19

    Sooooooo yummy

  • Infrequent guest

    I was thinking exactly the same: estimate about 600 calories.

  • brianna

    I Love it! Phoenix, AZ has it

  • Hldg40

    Tried one today and it was fabulous. I would like the recipe.

  • Joannather

    Need that nutrition info PLEASE!!!

  • Terminalman

    Very tasty, although I could do with less oil (seems grilled with lots of butter or oil). So it’s not a low calorie lunch (650-700 cals?) but not as much fat as a double fast food burger with fries. As I say, quite tasty – in my mind it’s second only to the polish dog for a quick lunch at Costco.

    • Lexi2286

      It is not grilled,its baked in the oven and it doesn’t have butter or oil,its the grease from the mayo pesto. It’s estimated at 700 calories!!

  • Tricia Micole

    Delicious, but very curious on the calorie count!

  • Jesse Gutierrez

    I had the opportunity to eat this sandwich at the Lake Elsinore, Calif. Costco. The torta roll is the same bread that is sold at Costco. I would imagine that the use Kirkland turkey?

    I enjoy enjoyed this sandwich. I would appricate it if they could control the oil. The sandwich is heavy on flavor but I assume it’s also heavy on calories.

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  • Nuckfuts1

    LOVE IT!!!…It reminds me of a similar sandwich I got from Starbucks!!…It’s super ONO!..

  • Pwzell

    Too greasey

  • Jim

    Well, one of these babies and you won’t be ending your day wishing you had more saturated fat.731 calories and between 60% and 70% of your fat (can’t remember exact figures).

  • McKenzi

    Absolutely loved it! I shared it with my husband. Costco pesto, provolone, turkey and ciabatta with tomatoes on it. Replicable and a cheap lunch date with the hubs.

  • Guest

    I work at a costco and we use all products that you can buy in costco except the pesto mayo. the reason the sandwich is greasy is from when we bake the mayo and the provolone cheese. all it is is the bread, pesto mayo, fresh sliced tomatoes, onions, turkey from the deli and 2 slices of provolone cheese. they have been very popular and i also think they are yummy!!

  • Bob

    Had this tonight at Costco in Tucson, AZ off of Kino Pkwy. Absolutely delicious!

  • Michelle Dimitroff

    It was good but I think the mayo cancels out the taste of the pesto. I think pesto alone would make it. But it is definitely the best on the menu since they nolonger serve the Hebrew national hot dogs.

  • Akitsap

    It was good, but after calculating the Weight watchers points, that will be my last one! I wish Costco would introduce WW point friendly choices. How about a fruit salad with the current fresh fruit they are selling that would be 0 points and a cheese stick or yogurt.

    • Adrianatsmith

      How many points was the sandwich?

      • Easydoesit

        It’s 20 points.

        • DUCKMAN

          Did you add up alll the nutr. facts sep. yourself to figure this?

          • costcoinsider

            No, Costco publishes this information.

  • I just went to costco looking for the carne asada bake and I was so bummed to learn they have stopped selling it. Best thing on their menu IMO.

  • Ro11out

    I had it for the second time around today at a different Costco, and they have replaced the Pesto spread with Garlic/Basil Mayo. It’s much better in my opinion, but that might be because I’m allergic to Pine Nuts (which were blended in the Pesto spread). Regardless, they had a tray of around 15-20 under their heat lamp, and they were gone within 10 minutes (long lines at lunch).

  • Fryersroost

    My daughter and I had the new Turkey and Provolone sandwich. It was dripping with grease, tasted nasty and we threw it away unfinished. It was not edible. Sorry Costco but you deserve honest feedback…

    • Msbach

      I had one today and it was awesome. My husband agreed. Thought about buying another one to take home for lunch tomorrow.

  • NomNomNom

    I first tried one from the 4th Ave S store in Seattle. I enjoyed it so much I went back the next day during lunch & picked up another 2, 1 for me & the other for a co-worker. The day after I went with the co-worker to shop for the ingredients: Pesto, Torta rolls, turkey breast, provolone, tomatoes, & onions. On the way out we stopped at the food court to pick up, can you guess, turkey provolone sandwiches for dinner for each our families. We don’t put mayo on it, just the pesto, & I think it tastes fine. I’ve had to pull back on my consumption because my pants are getting a bit tight although I still make them about 1/week for the rest of my family members.

  • Bbison

    The sad thing is, youve made something far worse combined than the individual parts. The torta rolls and BelGioiso provelone are both pretty good, when handled correctly. The turkey itself is fine. Given these parts, anyone can (and I have) made a great sandwich at home. But the Costco version is disgusting, greasy mess. Probably didn’t help that at 11:30am the store here in South San Francisco had stacks already made, which tasted like they’d been sitting for hours.

  • RW

    Nasty…..had my 1st and last one today.

  • Jon Wetzel

    I didn’t not care for it myself. I thought it was lacking the flavor I was expecting from the list of ingredients. If you like processed foods then this might be up your alley. All the ingredients seemed to have one mass taste. Reminded me of Olive Garden food which I’m not a fan of. Guess it’s back to pizza and Caesar salad for me.

  • Cbmendoza97

    Tastes amazing but its 730 calories 🙁

  • jimbob21

    I was *this* close to getting one, but after sitting under the heat lamp, they didn’t look that appetizing, and they looked kind of heavier than I like for lunch. 2 slices of cheese+mayo is a bit much. One slice of cheese would be fine, and probably a light spread of mayo (restaurants usually spread mayo with a very heavy hand).

    Or let people put their own mayo or mustard on it. A corned beef, and a veggie version could probably sell pretty well too.

  • Guest

    I had one yesterday and it was AMAZING. I have been drooling over it and dreaming of having another one since then!

  • Linda Lamont

    I have tried it twice and i love it. I am from canada so it costs 5.99 here. I am going to try and make it at home tonight

  • I love it so yummy.

  • I need to know the oven temperature and the time it has to be baked. Any idea?

  • John fom Chicago

    Terrible. Should not of even tied it. It looked like it had been under the heat lamp for hours. The bread was hard on the outside, had to take off the edge of cheese which was hard, the stewed tomatoes were disgusting. The taste was despictable. I would not even feed it to my dog.

    And I am not a fussy eater. They could have choosen 100’s of items they sell in the store, which they have fantasic samples of, and put one of those in the food court and had a success.

  • SandwichFiend

    My girlfriend and I tried one and a piece of pizza. Awesome. Went back the next day and did it again. Three days later we were back. Enough. Time to buy the sandwich ingredients and make them at home. Worker said for the sauce just get the basil pesto they sell (in the fridge section next to the pasta) and mix with mayo. It’s our new goto condiment for sandwiches now.

  • Guest

    Got this at Costco Lodi, it was delicious!! The server wrapped it in foil, so it was still hot when I got home.

  • jason

    my wife and I love this sandwich. We get it everytime we go to Costco.

  • trina oliver

    I loved the “carne asada bake” any clues as to why they got rid of it in warehouses (kirkland,WA;Issaquah,WA). any chance they might bring it back?

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