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Costco Kirkland Signature Golf Balls For Sale Again

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

As of April 6th there were 41 Costco warehouses across the country that got a shipment of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls for sale. If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, it’s because there’s been a craze for these Kirkland golf balls ever since they sold out back in January. The price for two […]

Costco Membership Fee Increase

Costco Membership Sign

Yes, you heard that right, Costco membership fees are going up June 1st, 2017. The Goldstar, Business, and Business Add-On memberships in the U.S. and Canada will rise $5 from $55 to $60 annually. Executive memberships in the U.S. and Canada will rise $10 from $110 to $120 annually. The last time the membership fee […]

Mother’s Day Gifts at Costco

Mothers Day flowers

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12 – don’t be caught off guard without something to surprise the mothers in your life. Costco has an impressive selection of jewelry and flowers in stores. Those looking to choose from Costco’s online Mother’s Day gift deals can find a wider selection of jewelry, potted plants, digital cameras and […]

The Costco Craze, a CNBC documentary

UPDATE: See it on YouTube here: Tonight at 6pm a documentary called “The Costco Craze: Inside the Warehouse Giant” will air on CNBC about a lot of the psychology behind what Costco does and why their customers do what they do. I am excited to see what they say about it, and I imagine […]

Costco Membership Fees Rising

Costco membership sign

If you haven’t heard yet, your Costco membership fee is rising 10%. Beginning November 1st, 2011 for new members and January 1st, 2012 for renewals, the new prices will be $55 for Goldstar and Business members and $110 for Executive members. This increase will impact U.S. and Canadian memberships. This was revealed at the same […]

2010 International Photo Contest – Give Us Your Best Shot

Photo Contest

Today is the last day to submit your entry for the 2010 Costco International Photo Contest!  Hurry on up to to enter.  Grand prize is a $1500 Costco gift card.  If you want to enter by snail mail, you can fill out this form and make sure it’s postmarked by today.  That page also […]

Costco Coming to a Mall Near You?

Costco mall

Can you picture going to your local mall and shopping at Costco?  That is about to become a reality very soon.  The Westfield Group announced an agreement with Costco Wholesale to put the popular warehouse store in three of its malls: Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park, CA; Westfield Sarasota Square in Sarasota, FL; and Westfield […]

The Costco price tag prank

Costco Drunk Food tag

Did you hear about the prank pulled off at Costco a few months back?  A guy printed/created a bunch of fake price tags with funny names on them and swapped them at his local Costco.  Sounds like other people around the country joined him as well.  I didn’t get a chance to see the video, […]

Video reveals horrible treatment of veal calves at Costco supplier

Costco Veal

Costco Wholesale Corporation is actually a pretty stand-up company.  One of their policies is that all suppliers must humanely treat animals.  Mercy for Animals just released a video showing horrible treatment of veal calves at one of the farms that Costco’s suppliers use.  Once Costco found out about this and saw the video they immediately released a […]

Does Costco have the right to check your receipt?

There was an interesting story this past week about a guy being illegally detained by Costco employees.  He felt he didn’t need to show the receipt checker his receipt when walking out and tried to walk out right past them.  At that point he was stopped by 3 employees, one being the store manager.  They […]

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